Beverly Hills’ Newest ‘Rich Kid’

by Natasha Wolff | May 2, 2016 10:45 am

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills premiered last night with more of the same juicy drama that has kept people watching for three seasons already. This time around, fans can expect plenty of outrageousness as cast members Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick plan their wedding. There’s also a newcomer joining the fray. Bianca Espada, a fashion blogger and close friend of veteran cast member Dorothy Wang gave DuJour the scoop on what filming a reality show is actually like, what fans can expect this season and one of her unexpected goals for the future. 

How did you wind up on the show?

I was asked to do season one and I just I don’t think I was really ready to do a reality show then. I’m good friends with Dorothy and Jonny and I grew up with Brendan, who are all members on the cast. This summer, Dorothy and I went on tour with French Montana. The show [expressed] interest again and then they asked me to be a character this season. It’s an amazing time slot; it’s on right after the Kardashians on E!. If I was an actress, I could not ask for a better time slot on a better network.

What can fans expect this season?

There’s a ton of drama. I’ve said this before in interviews, you have no idea who your friends are until you’re on a reality show with them, so that’s a big clue to as to what happens. It’s just a ton of drama. I feel like everyone tries to set everyone up. I feel like everyone’s kind of fighting for camera time.  To get noticed, you have to do something.

How does filming work? Were cameras on you 24/7?

Well, I split my time between New York and LA so I’ll fly back to film maybe twice a month. I’ll film for like four days. I don’t get call sheet until the night before like where we’re going like where we’re going to lunch, where we’re going to film the next thing. I don’t know until the night before.

What do you do when the show isn’t filming?

I have a lifestyle blog and they feature it on the show as well. It’s  fashion, food, beauty and travel, so everything I like and everything I wear. Fashion is a huge part of my life. On the show I’m super fashion-driven. Everything I wear is kind of a moment. [Planning my outfits for the show is] not a huge process because I dress up in my regular life too, but they do have to tell me if it’s a daytime or nighttime scene we’re doing because planning my outfits is the most important part for me. We style ourselves.

What’s next for you?

I feature food on my blog, and I know this has nothing to do with anything, but eventually, I really want to come out with my own hot sauce. So eventually down the line that’s really what I want to create.

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