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Meet an Electronic Dance Goddess

With new music on the horizon, Bella Hunter is cultivating our summer soundtrack

With long flowing hair, bronzed skin, an armful of thick bangles and sculptural rings on every finger, Australian artist Bella Hunter could easily be mistaken for one of the bohemian girls twirling in the fields of Coachella or dancing the night away at Ultra in Miami. However, raised in a musical family, Hunter would rather be on the stage than in front of it, rocking a crowd with her hit dance track, “Waves,” with Erick Morillo, or beats from her upcoming summer release through Armada Music.

The daughter of Marc Hunter, the lead singer of Australian band Dragon, Bella was raised to appreciate the poetic sounds of classical music, and was inspired by everyone from Nina Simone to Ella Fitzgerald. “There was this 24/7 immersion in music with an entirely comprehensive subliminal musical education before the time I was 10,” Hunter says of her upbringing, which initially led her to a career in songwriting. “Being able to write for other artists and DJs is one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences.”

Hunter later moved from Sydney to Los Angeles to New York where she was exposed to a wider range of sounds, including Daft Punk, which became a pivotal moment in her life. “I didn’t know how much they would influence my respect for house music,” she says.

Today, a self-proclaimed electronic artist, Hunter says her vibe lives loosely in house music. “I reference the term ‘Sunset House,’ which has a chilled, sexy, beautiful island or rooftop vibe—full of happiness and definitely something you can dance to,” she says of her blended genre. With a mesmerizing style and a carefree musicality, Hunter offers listeners an escape into “freedom and magic” through her sound. “Music to me is a safe haven. I just want to make people dance. I hope I’m still dancing in the sunsets when I’m 80,” she says.

Bella’s Top Five Live Music Venues

1. Sound Nightclub  | Los Angeles, California
This is my favorite club to see great house music DJs. The VIP tables behind the DJ are the best place to sit or dance.

2. The Greek Theatre  |  Berkeley, California
I’ve seen some amazing artists perform here… It’s intimate enough that you can feel the artists’ energy from wherever you’re standing.

3. Babel Events  |  New York City, New York
Babel has created this beautiful community vibe, complete with tribal/ethnic sounds blended into sexy disco house.

4. The Island  |  Sydney, Australia
Get a private tender to take you to this floating bar/beach club in the middle of Sydney Harbour. My brother, Jackson, DJs here and I always get homesick for nights sipping Campari cocktails and dancing to him spinning incredible house tracks.

5. Papaya Playa Project  |  Tulum, Mexico
This eco-resort hosts the best deep house DJs in their multi-level bar and beach club. You can dance under palm trees and a Mexican palapa adorned with disco balls with Caribbean salt in the air and a mezcal cocktail in-hand.

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Courtesy of Devialet

Courtesy of Devialet

Main photo by Nikko La Mere