Video Premiere: “Realize” by Harts

by Natasha Wolff | September 21, 2017 3:45 pm

Darren Hart, the Australian one-man band more commonly known as Harts[1], has been quietly garnering an indie following due to his infectious funk-rock sound. The singer-songwriter got his first taste of success a few years back when the late Prince[2] invited him to jam[3] at his storied recording complex Paisley Park in Minneapolis. With that unforgettable experience still fresh, the Melbourne native returned home to record his album, Daydreamer, which was released in Australia.

Now, Hart has released his US debut album called Smoke Fire Hope Desire. With no external producers or other collaborators, this is truly a multi-talented artist. “I try hard to push the boundaries of the music I make,” Hart says. “I always want to better myself in my composition, production and also in my playing and performing.”

With inspirations such as Prince[4] and Jimi Hendrix, the album combines a unique blend of sounds including funk, rock, soul and pop. The title is derived from the lyric, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, where there’s hope, there’s desire,” a positive spin on the age-old phrase,”Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” True to the Aussie spirit, Hart’s positivity inflects both his artistry and attitude; he says that as a new artist, he’s motivated to “keep moving forward through failures and successes.”

In regards to his stateside debut, this Aussie is beside himself. He admits that it’s challenging to break into America but he’s optimistic that his audience will find him. “I love making music, and enjoy the music I make. I can only hope people out there enjoy it too,” he says. You can find Hart touring the States throughout the fall. Watch the exclusive video premiere for his newest single “Realize” below.

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