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You’re Going to Adore Amy Shark

The Australian songstress opens up about her debut album Love Monster and trying not to filter herself

Amy Shark tells stories through her music, welcoming listeners into her personal life with her relatable lyrics. In 2016, Shark’s breakout single “Adore” gained prominence in Australia and truly put Shark on the map. “Adore” is a somewhat simple song that immediately encouraged an emotional reaction from fans. Shark sings about an effortless romance and what she wants in the relationship in a cheeky manner. That cheeky attitude is what sets Shark apart from other singer-songwriters. “Before, I didn’t have anyone listening to me. But now, there’s an audience and I have to think about that,” Shark says of how her fanbase has grown since “Adore” was released. “I try not to filter myself too much and just let it out and not let everything that’s happened change the way I write,” she adds of her songwriting process.

With Shark’s debut album Love Monster released earlier this summer, the artist says she really wanted her sound to be consistent throughout. Reflecting on “Adore,” Shark says that the song perfectly exemplifies her sound. “A lot of it reminds me of the 90’s and gives off some Alanis Morissette vibes, which you know, she’s a legend,” Shark adds of the album’s overall sonic direction. Songs like “I Said Hi” and “All Loved Up,” produced by Jack Antonoff, prove that Shark has found her signature voice on Love Monster; she knows what she wants to say and how to say it. There is a saccharine sound throughout the album coupled with an edgy attitude that is truly highlighted when performed live.

Growing up listening to bands like Tegan and Sara and Death Cab For Cutie, Shark says she treasures honest artists who create a connection with the audience during live shows. “People come up to me and think they know me because they do. It’s because I’ve told them everything through my record. I like people who spell it out nicely and aren’t scared to push the boundaries a little bit,” she says.

While writing and recording Love Monster, Shark admits that she was surprisingly listening to a lot of trap music and artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Post Malone and her favorite, Blink-182. “I listen to Blink-182 because every album is amazing. Post Malone has two records out and both are sick. I stick to what is good,” she says. Her love of Blink-182 actually led to a collaboration with Blink-182 vocalist Mark Hoppus on Shark’s song “Psycho.” With quiet punk elements, the song perfectly captures Shark’s poetic delivery while offering a bold sound.

After supporting acts like Bleachers and Vance Joy on tour, Shark is ready to embark on her first North American headlining tour this fall in support of Love Monster. The tour will start the weekend of September 21st with a set at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas.