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Discover The New Era of Astrid S

The Norwegian starlet shows off a more grown up narrative on her newest single, “Emotion”

Since bursting onto the scene in 2016 with her debut self-titled EP that featured the 5x Platinum-certified single “Hurts So Good,” Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid S has been carefully crafting her musical identity. Still a teenager, Astrid released her sophomore EP, Party’s Over in 2017. With soulful pop sounds on songs like “Such a Boy” and “Think Before I Talk,” Astrid embarked on her first headlining tour before finally slowing down for a moment.

“I’ve had time to grow up a little bit and sit back and realize what I’m actually doing. I’m actually living my dream,” Astrid says of her time off from touring. “It feels like a whole new era.”

With a collection of new songs on the horizon, the wide-eyed singer says that she is anxious to unveil her potentially unexpected new musical mood. “All the songs stand on their own and I think they’re a little different. I’m actually nervous, which just tells me that I really care about what I do,” she admits of her evolving sound.

“I usually just shut my emotions down. I don’t love to talk about how I feel, especially if it is something I find difficult or sad,” she says of the younger version of herself. “I’ve had time to grow a little more though. I’ve been figuring out how to use my music as my outlet for my emotions.” Astrid adds that while writing her new music, she took a bit of a trip down memory lane. Inspired by the moments in her life where she wished she had said something or spoken up, Astrid was able to start creating lyrics with more of a personal touch.

Astrid S (Photo by Jung Kim)

Astrid S (Photo by Jung Kim)

Since tapping into her personal vault of feelings, Astrid says she’s realized how cathartic it can be to utilize her musical outlet. By writing and singing about something that is close to her heart, she also feels more connected with fans. “It might be taboo or controversial but if it is something I experienced and need to talk about, it is often something that people want and need to hear in a song and can relate to.”

Though her emotional boundaries have loosened over the past two years creatively, Astrid admits that she still has a soft spot for “literal” pop songs and the lyrics that go into them. “It can actually be very hard when you are trying to fit your really complex feelings into a literal pop song. I’m still going to do that, but it’s good to have a spectrum of music,” she says with a giggle.

Embracing her truth, no matter how vulnerable she may feel, has inspired Astrid to release one of her favorite songs she’s every written: “Emotion.” The song was written nearly two years ago, and Astrid says it, “kind of started this new era for me.”

With a more mature and honest voice, Astrid isn’t making up any stories; she is speaking her truth while savoring her signature soulful vocals. Listen to “Emotion” below.