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Introducing Ashe: a VEVO Artist to Watch in 2018

The electronic songstress is ready to support Louis the Child and Lauv on tour next year

The golden-haired, vintage-styled Californian speaks with an ethereal voice that is laced with giggles and an enticingly laid back Cali-vibe, despite being set to hit the stage in just a few hours to perform in her college town of Boston. Ashe, the classically trained musician I’m chatting with, studied at Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts but is a California native. She found her sonic niche initially as a jazz vocalist but not soon after graduating, electronic music found her, she admits.

“I was in a songwriting session in Chicago right after I graduated and Freddy from Louis the Child walked into the room,” she says. “I didn’t even know who he was at first but we fell in love pretty quick.” She says the conversation started with her suggesting, “You need to work on your lyrics,” and him honestly responding with, “Well, you need to work on your melodies.”



Ashe’s sound is constantly evolving in a natural way and the majority of her collaborations come to fruition in that same organic fashion. “The music is always departing from the pop vibe and getting a little weirder. Sometimes it sounds more indie and sometimes it has more Radiohead vibes,” she explains. As the featured vocalist on electronic hits like “Right To It” by Louis the Child and “Can’t Hide” by Whethan, Ashe finally debuted her lyrical genius and stunning vocals on her first single as a solo artist with, “Used to It.” Coming from studying at one of the most prestigious jazz conservatories in the country to capturing the electro-pop world under her spell, Ashe shows no signs of stopping.

Recently named a VEVO Artist to Watch via VEVO’s new dscvr series, Ashe is truly shining as 2017 comes to a close. Following a run of dates on The Chainsmokers arena tour alongside Shaun Frank and a performance earlier in the year at Coachella with Big Gigantic, Ashe has proved she is definitely one to watch in 2018.

Ashe will finish out her tour with Whethan which began this past fall and will support Louis the Child and Lauv on tour into the New Year.

Watch below for her first video session via VEVO debuting her song “Girl Who Cried Wolf.”

Main image credit: Dana Trippe