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Discover Your New Favorite Instagram Artist

ArtSugar offers exclusive and limited edition prints created by emerging artists like INKED by Dani founder, Dani Egna

The explore section of my Instagram feed can sometimes feel a bit oversaturated with emerging musicians, artists, beauty vloggers and other potential up-and-comers. There are so many talented individuals for consumers to discover, a collaboration between two can create a powerhouse team and carve out a space for themselves that they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. Joining creative forces, supporting each other and celebrating each other’s artistic identity are movements helping to inspire and grow the art community, especially through the digital sphere we live in today.

The Instagram-driven art retailer ArtSugar has formed a solid fan base based on its eye-catching grid and affinity for partnering with various art creators in order to showcase unique works. ArtSugar’s founder and CEO, Alix Greenberg, says she makes a conscious decision to seek out the “buzzworthy art creators with growing followings who appeal to our millennial audience.” From landscape photographers to bold pop artists, Greenberg looks for strong artists who are on their way to making a name for themselves. “At ArtSugar, we love teaming up with fellow female entrepreneurs,” Greenberg adds.

ArtSugar’s founder and CEO, Alix Greenberg

ArtSugar’s founder and CEO, Alix Greenberg

Most recently, ArtSugar partnered with INKED by Dani founder and artist, Dani Egna. Egna curated a collection of five surreal and vibrant prints that are available exclusively through ArtSugar.com. “Dani is not only an amazing and successful business owner, but also an extremely talented artist with a keen eye for art and style,” Greenberg says of working with Egna.

Suspended by Dani Egna

Suspended by Dani Egna

Egna’s INKED brand offers upscale, wearable art in the form of temporary tattoos, encouraging self-expression and personal style. With a background in fine arts, Egna says from designing tattoos to creating the new collection of prints for ArtSugar, her drawing and painting skillset always comes into play. As far as the five prints made for ArtSugar, Egna describes them as, “very detailed, bright, graphic and surrealistic.” Though the prints were all inspired by different parts of Egna’s life, she adds that she took a surreal approach to the traditional standards of what beauty can be defined as.

INKED by Dani's founder, Dani Egna

INKED by Dani’s founder, Dani Egna

ArtSugar provides a platform for artists like Egna to grow by allowing them to focus on their artwork while ArtSugar manages the retail aspect. In addition, they are the only online art retailer at the moment who donates 5% of all proceeds to various pre-vetted charities including City Harvest, ASPCA, Girls Who Code and God’s Love We Deliver.

After Greenberg’s grandmother passed away of pancreatic cancer, Greenberg says she created ArtSugar. “I got involved with the pancreatic cancer research foundation, Code Purple Now in order to implement a socially responsible element into purchasing art,” she says of her first charitable partnership. From working with a range of charities to teaming up with unique artists, ArtSugar is redefining the retail space for art, one Instagram post at a time.

The five framed prints by Dani Egna start at $100 and are available in three sizes (8×10″, 11×14″, 16×20″ and 20×30″), as well as black or white frames and are available exclusively at ArtSugar.co.