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Ariana Grande’s Most Lovable Collaborators Show Up at Lollapalooza

Social House just released a new single with Grande called “boyfriend” and premiered the song live in Chicago

The buzz surrounding pop powerhouse Ariana Grande and Social House’s new single “boyfriend” was electric on the fourth day of Lollapalooza, which was also Grande’s headlining day of the festival. The song is credited to Ariana Grande and Grande’s longtime collaborators from tracks such as “thank u, next” and “7 Rings;” Social House. Comprised of Mikey Foster and Scootie Anderson, Social House has been making music together for the past five years and has worked with the likes of Lil Yachty, Meghan Trainor, and of course, Ariana Grande.

“I’ve never been this pumped. This is crazy,” Foster says to me in the midst of the Lollapalooza chaos. Social media has basically combusted over the release of “boyfriend” and its music video, where Grande shows off her comedy chops and the boys get a little playful as well. “I think it’s the relatability of the song. It is pretty much the blueprint of relationships in 2019 where you are free to do whatever you want but  … don’t,” Anderson says of the song.

“You want to get to know somebody but you don’t want the titles. Everybody realizes that they might not be perfectly ready for a relationship but they’re like, I just can’t picture you with somebody else,” Foster says with a smile. Although Foster admits that “so many” of his friends are in that position, the public can’t help but wonder if he is too, with Ariana Grande. While Foster clearly does not kiss and tell, the single artwork for “boyfriend” strategically positions the word “boyfriend” over Foster’s face, “Ariana Grande” over Grande’s face and “Social House” over Anderson’s face. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Another telling moment came from Ariana Grande’s Instagram earlier in the day, showing Foster asleep during rehearsals. Foster claimed that they were visiting Ariana Grande and her band since they were in town. Social House has been on tour supporting Grande so the whole crew has became a little family.

While Social House did make a surprise guest appearance during Grande’s headlining Lollapalooza set later that evening, and debuted the live performance of “boyfriend,” the boys gave closed-mouth smiles about the topic earlier in the day. “She’s performing today…?” Foster joked while Anderson added, “Oh, her set is going to be wild. I would definitely tune in.” The cheeky smiles and charming banter make it clear why Grande has continued to work with the boys on so many hits. There is a good vibe that the duo carries on and off the stage and on August 9, onto their debut EP, Everything Changed…. The EP is a snapshot of their upcoming full-length album, which will tell the story of an entire relationship from beginning to end. “The EP is just some highlights from that story, but in reverse. It starts with the break-up song and goes back through it,” Foster says.

The first song off the EP is “At Least We Can Say That We Tried” and with it comes some stellar Post Malone vibes, and honest lyrics such as, I don’t really think we should make up. Another conversation isn’t gonna change it. The song “Haunt You” features background vocals from Grande herself, and “boyfriend” is the fifth song on the six-song EP. So, who has helped them the most while creating Everything Changed…? “Definitely Ari. There’s a level of transparency and openness that she added to her music and it really just inspires us to pull back a layer and really talk about some things that are just really personal to us,” Foster admits.

There’s clearly a rollercoaster of emotions on Everything Changed… but the boys of Social House feel like they’re living on cloud nine right now. “It is such a nice weekend for it and it is such a feel good song but my favorite song on the EP right now is “boyfriend.” It switches but today it honestly is that song,” Foster says, subtly hinting at the surprise performance slated for later that evening.

Watch the official video for “boyfriend” and catch Social House on tour with Ariana Grande in Europe later this year.