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Juli Mosoff

Senior Web Producer


Julianne Mosoff—better known by her nickname, Juli—is a contributing web writer for DuJour. A journalism graduate of New York University, Juli’s written about everything from growing organic tomatoes at Prevention to Katy Perry’s hair at OK! before settling into the arts and culture niche at DuJour. In her spare time, Juli likes to traipse about New York City and the surrounding boroughs, usually with an iced coffee in hand, taking pictures of graffiti and street art and anything else interesting that comes her way. 

Recent Articles
  • Body Language: All About Blood

    Body Language: All About Blood

    Which trendy new beauty treatment attracts models, A-listers and athletes? DuJour divulges the gory details

    In DuJour's weekly Body Language column, our editors focus in on a singular body part. This week, it's all about blood.   THE TREND It was the Instagram heard 'round the world. A graphic photo not of Kim Kardashian's most famous asset, but instead a shot of her face… covered ... More

  • Drink DuJour : The Red Pepper Daisy

    Drink DuJour : The Red Pepper Daisy

    A garden-fresh cocktail for a slightly more guilt-free cheers to the new year

    Forget the celery. Cocktails featuring a range of veggies as garnish or even a main ingredient are gaining popularity. Case in point: The Red Pepper Daisy, one of the signature cocktails on the new dining menu at Manhattan-based taqueria and tequilleria Teqa unveiled last month by Executive Chef ... More

  • 600 Pieces of Cartier in One Place

    600 Pieces of Cartier in One Place

    Now at the Grand Palais in Paris: an art history exhibition to make you swoon

    There's a couple hundred reasons that a holiday or new year's trip to Paris is now even more luxurious, courtesy of Cartier. The French brand that's stunned the fine jewelry and watchmaking scene and adorned royalty for centuries has put on display this month until February 14 "Cartier: Style and ... More

  • Drink DuJour : The Most Seasonal Sip

    Drink DuJour : The Most Seasonal Sip

    Notes of apples and decadent white truffles combine in this earthy winter cocktail

    Graced with an exceptional truffle season this year, restaurants across the country have created the most indulgent dishes using the decadent ingredient. We brought you our favorite truffle tasting menus of the season, but there's always more to discover, like Casa Nonna's Truffled Apple-Teani. "Truffles are a highly seasonal ingredient," ... More

  • #TheCronutMission

    #TheCronut Mission

    Wake up to a special box of pastries on Thanksgiving morning—and contribute to a worthy cause

    It started with a #cronutbribe. DwellStudio founder Christiane Lemieux was walking to work one rainy August morning in SoHo and posted an Instagram of the ever-relentless line for Cronuts™ at the nearby Dominique Ansel bakery. Designer Peter Som quickly replied via Twitter, trying to bribe Lemieux for an elusive ... More

  • Drink DuJour : The Tale of the Couptail

    Drink DuJour : The Tale of the Couptail

    A new trend at the bar is rediscovering the coupe glass. The scoop—and three recipes—here

    With a new drink den opening up every other weekend it seems, there's a cocktail to try everywhere we look.  But as menus begin to offer such expansive lists of impossible-to-choose-between drinks, cocktail enthusiasts are met with a common dilemma: How many rounds would it take to try them all? Luckily ... More

  • Resort Requirements

    Resort Requirements

    Vilebrequin, the French house for all your out-of-office style needs, steps up to a playful new partnership

    It takes 52 steps to create a Vilebrequin swimsuit, a process perfected since the Saint-Tropez swimwear brand launched in 1971. The finished result is a resort-perfect piece, reflecting that relaxed, devil-may-care attitude of a man out of office and by the water. But we respectfully suggest an essential ... More

  • Drink DuJour : The Coconut Water Cocktail

    Drink DuJour : The Coconut Water Cocktail

    We almost don't care how counter intuitive this sounds. Here's how to make it

    In our never-ending search for the perfect cocktail, we set our sights this week on something ingenious—a delicious drink as refreshing as it is intoxicating. In honor of the weekend's New York City Marathon, enter the Brush and Tone. The coconut water-based cocktail from Stone Rose Lounge promises to ... More

  • A Shareable Feast

    A Shareable Feast

    The Lunchbox Fund's first app is changing the way you share your food. See who came out for the New York launch of Feedie

    Calling all food lovers with a philanthropic streak: There's (now) an app for that. Introduced at the Lunchbox Fund's Fall Fête, Feedie turns shared photos of food into real meals for children in poor and underdeveloped areas of the world. Feedie users simply upload a photo of their meal from ... More

  • The 4-Billion-Year-Old Ring

    The 4-Billion-Year-Old Ring

    David Yurman’s new space-inspired Meteorite collection fuses science and style

    For David Yurman's new fall men's collection, design director Evan Yurman found his inspiration in a unique stone that is truly out of this world—the Gibeon Meteorite. Coming in at four billion years old and found only in parts of Africa, the dark angular stones are one of the oldest ... More