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Juli Mosoff

Senior Web Producer


Julianne Mosoff—better known by her nickname, Juli—is a contributing web writer for DuJour. A journalism graduate of New York University, Juli’s written about everything from growing organic tomatoes at Prevention to Katy Perry’s hair at OK! before settling into the arts and culture niche at DuJour. In her spare time, Juli likes to traipse about New York City and the surrounding boroughs, usually with an iced coffee in hand, taking pictures of graffiti and street art and anything else interesting that comes her way. 

Recent Articles
  • The Eye of the Beholder: Art and Identity

    The Eye of the Beholder: Art and Identity

    For her latest group exhibit Black Eye, curator Nicola Vassell uses her artistic influence to incite change

    After enjoying a successful career on the commercial side of the art world, curator Nicola Vassell knew that she had a different story to tell. She broke away from her position as director at Pace gallery to found art ideation lab Concept NV in 2012, intending to use her ... More

  • How to Buy a Masterpiece

    How to Buy a Masterpiece

    As major fairs continue cropping up this month, we turn to an art world veteran for tips on bringing home the piece of a lifetime

    The thousands of people descending upon New York this month for Frieze will find no shortage of great work to add to their collections, even beyond the tents on Randall's Island. A number of satellite festivals have popped up over the years to complement the main event, giving buyers more ... More

  • Drink DuJour: The New Essential Vodka Cocktail

    Drink DuJour: The New Essential Vodka Cocktail

    A New York Russian vodka bar goes wild for grapes in their signature drink

    When Ariana Grinblat was looking to start a traditional Russian restaurant in Greenwich Village, she knew she needed an exceptional menu of craft vodkas to complement her unique dishes. A match was made in heaven when she met Orson Salicetti, famed cocktail artist and former mixologist at Apotheke, who told ... More

  • My Last Piece of Art: Marc Jacobs

    My Last Piece of Art: Marc Jacobs

    We caught up with the designer at the Free Arts NYC Art Auction to ask about the newest piece on his wall and what his eye's on next

    The torrential rain in New York this Wednesday night didn't keep art enthusiasts and event-goers from the annual Free Arts NYC Art Auction, this year honoring artist Scott Campbell. Hosted by Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy at The Garage in midtown, the night featured a live auction with pieces ... More

  • Body Language: All About Metabolism

    Body Language: All About Metabolism

    Adding fat to your diet...to lose weight? The secrets of MCT oil

    DuJour’s “Body Language” column offers short tidbits of info about one specific body part each week. This week, it’s all about metabolism.   THE GIST One of the most common culprits for a stall in weight loss is a slow metabolism, the internal calorie-burning, fat-dissolving process that converts food into fuel and, later on, burns ... More

  • Hollywood Rookie, Research Extraordinaire

    Hollywood Rookie, Research Extraordinaire

    Journalism-trained Fallon Goodson is an actress on the rise with this month's Maladies starring James Franco and Catherine Keener—and proof that doing your homework pays off

    Fallon Goodson may have had the luckiest Hollywood break ever. "When I moved out here, I didn't know anyone and there was no way to get into the industry," the actress recently told DuJour. "I didn't have a reel, so I first segued into producing. Maladies was the one film I knew was going ... More

  • Have Scent, Will Travel

    Have Scent, Will Travel

    Lisa Hoffman's newest collection of fragrance jewelry will have you longing for a exotic spring escape

    The latest collection to come from Lisa Hoffman's eponymous beauty line is truly a feast for all senses. Characterized by gorgeous semiprecious stones and the placement of a signature charm that gradually releases scent, the new Couture Collection of fragrance bracelets is the company's second—and most elaborate—foray into fine fragrance ... More

  • Cocktail DuJour: Drink Like Bill Murray

    Cocktail DuJour: Drink Like Bill Murray

    Here's the recipe for the actor's favored libation at his New York haunt, The Anchor

    New Yorkers are no strangers to celebrity sightings. With the sheer number of stars calling the city their home, for those visiting New York for work or pleasure it's almost a rite of passage to see a celebrity out and about in their natural habitat. One such ubiquitous star is ... More

  • Body Language: All About Eyelashes

    Body Language: All About Eyelashes

    The reason why two mascaras are better than one. Plus: are eyelash extensions actually safe?

    In DuJour’s weekly Body Language column, our editors focus in on a singular body part . This week, it’s all about eyelashes.   1. THE TREND: BOLD EYELASHES If there's one thing we noticed again and again at New York Fashion Week, it was the emphasis on bold, dramatic eye makeup. Though the eponymous cat ... More

  • 30 Days of Detox

    30 Days of Detox

    How I (kind of) kept my New Year's Resolution with IV therapy, a singing yoga class and more

    The holiday season is not easy on the body, as we all well know. From fattening food to endless amounts of champagne to awkward family conversations—"Are you dating anyone right now?"—it's not surprising that so many people's New Year resolutions involve pledging to be happier and healthier. But with ... More