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Jessica Khorsandi


Jessica Khorsandi is a writer, aspiring novelist and self-proclaimed foodie and news junkie. A born and raised New Yorker and native of Long Island, she graduated from New York University with a degree in Journalism.

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    • Drink DuJour: Tartufo Speciale

      Drink DuJour: Tartufo Speciale

      Truffle-lovers need to try this extremely luxurious cocktail

      Gastronomes with even the most jaded palates appreciate the pungent earthiness of rare truffle, the underground fungus that is considered the diamond of luxury cuisine. These days, truffle-infused cocktails are entering the beverage scene with overwhelming fanfare, and A Voce’s signature drink, Tartufo Speciale, combines the decadence of black truffles with sweet ... More

    • Our Lips Are (Not) Sealed

      Our Lips Are (Not) Sealed

      See inside an incredible new book of photographs featuring the world’s best puckers

      In the visually stunning new book Blow Me a Kiss, best-selling author and style innovator Alice Harris lets lips tell the story as she spotlights some of the most legendary puckers from the past decade through a series of iconic pieces of art and photographs. Blow Me a Kiss celebrates lips ... More

    • Drink DuJour: Bulgari Black and Stormy

      Drink DuJour: Bulgari Black and Stormy

      Try a bold cocktail recipe inspired by Bulgari’s newest men’s fragrance

      To celebrate its 130th anniversary, Bulgari launched a new fragrance for men, Bulgari Man in Black. The Eau de Parfum is inspired by the myth of Vulcan, the god of the Earth, and is a bold and sophisticated composition of spicy rum, woody leather accents and rich floral ... More

    • The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: A Grand Cupcake

      The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today

      Check out a Toronto bakery’s gilded cupcake creation

      Just as you thought the cupcake craze had finally crumbled, Le Dolci Bakery in Toronto presents what is thought to be the most expensive cupcake in the world, boasting a price tag of $900. The gourmet shop whipped up the sweet and sugary delight as a custom order ... More

    • My Burberry

      Cara and Kate for Burberry

      Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne pose for the British brand's newest scent campaign

      This month marks the launch of Burberry’s brand new signature scent, My Burberry, and its official campaign starring Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne—the first time the two British supermodels have joined forces.  The fragrance was created by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdijan to represent the affectionate way people refer to the ... More

    • Drink DuJour: The Caipirinha

      Drink DuJour: The Caipirinha

      Soak in the last bits of summer with this Brazilian-based cocktail

      The Surf Lodge, an East End staple known to attract shaggy-haired surfers and glitzy young financiers alike, is in full swing and serving up signature cocktails to their beach-bound crowd. This summer’s drink of choice, the Caipirinha, was first introduced to the Montauk outpost seven years ago by ... More

    • The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Today: The Blue Moon Diamond

      The Blue Moon Diamond

      An incredibly rare diamond makes its public debut

      A diamond is forever, as the saying goes, and the Blue Moon diamond is no exception. At a billion years old, this rare gem has stood the test of time and boasts a unique blue color that’s out of this world. The uncut, nearly 30-carat stone, which was unearthed in ... More

    • Drink DuJour: The Terrace Swizzle

      Drink DuJour: The Terrace Swizzle

      A pro mixologist from the W Downtown shares his creative summertime cocktail recipe

      As a former research biologist, it’s no wonder that expert mixologist Eben Klemm focuses on technique when it comes to his cocktails. These days, he’s shaking things up at The W  Downtown Living Room Bar and Terrace, the Financial District’s cozy outdoor space boasting unobstructed views of downtown ... More