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Caitlin Heikkila


Caitlin Heikkila is the Director of Social Media & Audience Development at DuJour. Prior to joining, she built social communities for brands like Allure, Food.com, Cooking Channel, and Bed Bath & Beyond. An ex-food blogger and supper club founder, she’s usually found cooking or restaurant hopping around New York City. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, dog Wallace, and cats Elodie and Basil. 

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    • Room Request! Hasbrouck House

      Room Request! Hasbrouck House

      A luxurious hotel with country charm

      Every city dweller needs a country escape: somewhere to see the sparkle of actual stars and not hear the rumble of the subway every three and a half minutes. For New Yorkers, that should be Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, about two hours north of the city.  Formerly the Inn ... More

    • Room Request! Park South Hotel

      Room Request! Park South Hotel

      Incredible restaurants draw crowds to this popular NYC hotel

      For travelers who want to feel like they are part of the neighborhood they’re staying in, the Park South Hotel is a perfect fit. The Art Deco space just underwent a $20 million top-to-bottom renovation, launching four unique restaurant concepts. The goal of the renovation was to reflect an authentic ... More

    • Top Colorists Share Their #1 Tip

      Top Colorists Share Their #1 Tip

      We asked five industry pros for their absolute best piece of advice—here’s what they had to say

      "My tip for great hair: Pre-hydrate. Before any color service and most importantly before a big color makeover, I insist on hydrating the hair fully before I even start working on it. Hydrated hair will lift, tone and color more like virgin hair. The ultimate super hydrator that I have tried ... More

    • Tasting DuJour: Tempura Matsui

      Tasting DuJour: Tempura Matsui

      The Michelin-starred restaurant revealed a new tasting menu crafted by Chef Kiyoshi Chikano—follow along as we try each delicious course


    • A Michelin-Starred Champagne Dinner

      A Michelin-Starred Champagne Dinner

      Dom Pérignon collaborated with a famed Korean restaurant for an unforgettable culinary experience

      If you swoon over crispy octopus, velvety urchin, salty pearls of caviar and bottles of bubbly, add this to your New York City dining itinerary. Dom Pérignon’s head winemaker Vincent Chaperon teamed up with Chef Yim Jung-sik of two Michelin-starred Korean restaurant Jung Sik to create an indulgent culinary experience. ... More

    • Amazing Ideas for Wedding Centerpieces

      Amazing Ideas for Wedding Centerpieces

      Go big or go home


    • The Priciest Manicures of All Time

      The Priciest Manicures of All Time

      Gigi Hadid's Met Gala nails cost a whopping $2,000... and that's just the beginning

      Gigi Hadid sported a chrome manicure at the 2016 Met Gala, complete with a cluster of crystals on the underside of each nail. The $2,000 mani was created by celebrity nail artist Mary Soul.  Kelly Osbourne went above and beyond with a million-dollar manicure, using Azature's polish made of white diamonds. Don't ... More

    • The Price of Good Brows

      The Price of Good Brows

      Explore these luxe options, from brow conditioners to complete hair transplants

      Long gone are the days of skinny brows, thin and sparse like they were drawn on with a fine-tip pen. Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore, and all of The Spice Girls once inspired women of the ‘90s to tweeze until their arches almost disappeared. These same women have since admitted themselves ... More

    • Tom Colicchio Lost 23 Pounds While Building a Food Empire

      Tom Colicchio Lost 23 Pounds While Building a Food Empire

      With carrot sticks always at the ready, the famed chef constructed his newest restaurant

      “The building is really special. As soon as I saw the space, I knew I wanted to be there,” said Chef Tom Colicchio, decked out in a sturdy apron and munching on raw baby carrots. He was talking about his soon-to-open restaurant at the historical Beekman hotel, Fowler ... More