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Adam Rathe is DuJour‘s Features Director. You can find him on Twitter at @adam_rathe and on Instagram at @adamrathe.

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    • Political Animals: The Cutest Dogs in D.C.

      Political Animals: The Cutest Dogs in D.C.

      President Harry S. Truman reportedly once quipped that if you want a friend in D.C., you should get a dog. Here, a group of high-powered Washingtonians—human and canine alike—weigh in on whether that's true


    • Kathie Lee Gifford: America’s Sweetheart

      Kathie Lee Gifford: America’s Sweetheart

      Forget sunshine­. For nearly 30 years, the Today host has been the brightest thing about waking up

      Kathie Lee Gifford makes small talk for a living, but she doesn’t do bullshit. Only minutes into a photo shoot, Gifford has vetoed a track of expletive-laden hip-hop, and even after the Pandora station is changed to accommodate her well-documented taste for show tunes, the 62-year-old television fixture nixes a ... More

    • Glass Act: A New Breed of Barware

      Glass Act: A New Breed of Barware

      The solution to better-tasting beer and spirits is as clear as new crystal. Here, four game-changing glasses

      It's officially time to change out your crystal. Nowadays, spirits and even beer are being served in improved barware. At Tørst, a high-end Brooklyn beer bar brews come in modern goblets. "You can drink beer out of a pint glass, but you won't get the same flavor," co-owner Jeppe ... More

    • Q&A: Anya Taylor-Joy

      Q&A: Anya Taylor-Joy

      What is it that really scares the star of The Witch

      Director Robert Eggers’ The Witch isn’t your typical horror movie. Sure, the threat of the titular character looms over the film—set in 1630s New England—but while the carefully crafted film delivers its share of scares, it still feels more like a period piece than a slasher flick. Front and center ... More

    • Q&A: Jade Tailor

      Q&A: Jade Tailor

      The talented actress has some (magic) tricks up her sleeve

      So far, the magic of The Magicians seems to be rather powerful. The series, which recently began airing on the Syfy channel, has already been renewed for a second season and seems to have no problem enchanting viewers. Plenty of that can be attributed to the compelling and familiar storyline, ... More

    • Inside a Controversial New TV Series

      Inside a Controversial New TV Series

      George MacKay on the conspiracy theories of 11.22.63

      Despite focusing on the events of a November day more than five decades ago, the new series 11.22.63 feels thoroughly modern. Perhaps it’s because the eight-episode series will premiere exclusively on the streaming channel Hulu on February 15, or because the plot—based on a Stephen King story—uses time travel to put a ... More

    • The Sound and Style of ‘Vinyl’

      The Sound and Style of ‘Vinyl’

      Actor Max Casella hopes the new HBO series reignites some rock 'n' roll fever

      In 1973, New York City wasn’t much like it is today. Crime was rampant, the city was on the verge of financial collapse and the idea of a skyscraper as a place for international billionaires to park their fortunes hadn’t quite been perfected. But if there was one ... More

    • The Comedy Everyone’s Talking About—and for Good Reason

      The Comedy Everyone’s Talking About—and for Good Reason

      Getting to know the star of the hilarious new Coen Brothers film

      The 26-year-old Los Angeles native Alden Ehrenreich is no newcomer—you’ve seen him in films including Stoker and Blue Jasmine—but it’s his performance in the new Coen Brothers film, Hail, Caesar!, that’s being hailed as his breakout moment. The movie follows a 1950s studio head (Josh Brolin) on the day one of his most bankable ... More

    • On the Shelf: What to Read This February

      On the Shelf: What to Read This February

      DuJour's picks for the best releases of the month

      In Other Words By Jhumpa Lahiri Pulitzer Prize winner Lahiri returns with an autobiographical tale of her move to Rome in order to immerse herself in the Italian language, the mastery of which had long eluded her. In Other Words is something of a victory ... More

    • ‘Swan Lake’ Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

      ‘Swan Lake’ Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

      Acclaimed choreographer Dada Masilo on her radical rethinking of the classic ballet

      The South African-born choreographer Dada Masilo works with the sort of classic material—Carmen, Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake—that nearly everyone has heard of. But it’s what she does with the dances that have made her an international sensation and caused no less than CNN to claim she, “unsettle[s] audiences with interpretations that turn ... More