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Adam Rathe is DuJour‘s Features Director. You can find him on Twitter at @adam_rathe and on Instagram at @adamrathe.

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    • Q&A: Amanda Peet

      Q&A: Amanda Peet

      The Togetherness star on the charm and challenges of the show's second season

      HBO’s Togetherness is on its surface a show about four very different adults living together under the same roof. As the show enters its second season, however, it’s apparent that it’s more than just an updated Three’s Company for the 21st century. Created by Jay and Mark Duplass, the series follows a group of people ... More

    • On Location with Alano Miller

      On Location with Alano Miller

      The Underground star on shooting his series in Louisiana

      The new WGN America drama Underground isn’t a light show, after all it follows a group of Georgia slaves as they plan to escape and make their way to freedom. And to hear Alano Miller, the actor who stars on the series as Cato, tell it, filming on location in ... More

    • Ansel Elgort Grows Up

      Ansel Elgort Grows Up

      The Allegiant star on music, movie stardom and saying goodbye to the series that made him famous

      It was only three years ago that Ansel Elgort first appeared on the big screen, as a high-school student in Kimberly Peirce’s blood-soaked remake of Carrie, but considering the number of film’s the 22-year-old actor has already made—10, if you’re keeping track—he already feels like a veteran. Of course, that’s ... More

    • Preparing for Life on the Road

      Preparing for Life on the Road

      As he packs for a tour, Leon Bridges plans on carrying more than just a tune

      When Leon Bridges released his hit debut album Coming Home in 2015, most of the 26-year-old Texan’s immediate success had to do with his smooth, modern take on soul music. But there’s no denying the charm that his signature style—a dapper, midcentury look of high-waisted trousers, cardigans and ... More

    • Q&A: Lili Taylor

      Q&A: Lili Taylor

      The American Crime star on the healing power of karaoke

      The ABC drama American Crime is an anthology series that changes its characters and scenario each season, but it always takes a startling look at the dark side of life in the United States. In the latest season, which recently wrapped, Lili Taylor stars as Anna Blaine, a woman ... More

    • On Location with Roar Uthaug

      On Location with Roar Uthaug

      The director of The Wave on filming at the edge of a natural disaster

      When the Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug set out to make The Wave, a stunning disaster flick about a deadly tsunami consuming an idyllic tourist town, he couldn’t settle for shooting on a soundstage.  Instead, Uthaug filmed in Geiranger, a town that, according to reports, is due any day for a tsunami. ... More

    • In the Studio with Cardiknox

      In the Studio with Cardiknox

      The electro-pop group lifts the curtain on making their debut album

      When the Los Angeles-based band Cardiknox releases its debut album on March 11, it’ll have some big shoes to fill. After all, the addictively upbeat album of dance pop was recorded at L.A.’s Henson Recording Studios, which in previous lives was home to Charlie Chaplin’s film operation, A&M Records and ... More

    • The Riley Keough Experience

      The Riley Keough Experience

      Spring's most compelling television series finds a star who's equally captivating

      Walking into a hotel bar, Riley Keough can spot the girlfriend experience almost immediately. “I’ll see a girl and I’ll know she’s giving the GFE,” the 26-year-old actress says, referring to a service sex workers offer that’s based more on emotional intimacy than other, more traditional options. “My ... More

    • Q&A: Michael Kelly

      Q&A: Michael Kelly

      The House of Cards star on how politics and drama intersect on screen and off

      Over the first three seasons of Netflix’s acclaimed political drama House of Cards, Doug Stamper—the scheming sidekick to Congressman (and then President) Frank Underwood—has seen his share of trouble. He’s been an addict, he’s been left for dead and, perhaps worst of all, Underwood has put him out into ... More

    • Q&A: Zainab Jah

      Q&A: Zainab Jah

      Getting to know the star of Broadway's hottest new show

      It’s been quite a journey for Eclipsed. The play, which follows a group of Liberian women in the final days of that country’s civil war, got its start at the Yale Repertory Theatre in 2009 and moved to Manhattan’s Public Theater before finally landing on Broadway this month.  “I ... More