See Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum’s Winter Exhibit

by Natasha Wolff | January 15, 2020 2:00 pm

A stunning new exhibit is coming to the Blaffer Art Museum[1] this winter. The immersive showcase will be a moving image installation created by Toronto-based artist Garath Long titled “Kidnappers Foil.” Exploring the history of amateur American filmmaking, the exhibition follows the work of Texas native Melton Barker and his travels during the early part of the century filming Middle America townspeople in Hollywood-style productions. Designed to immerse viewers into the existing copies of Barker’s work, Long desires to showcase these cinematic artifacts and how the individual films emerge as portals into life across the country and how the patina of time and technology has affected the pieces of work throughout the years, as recordings have migrated through different storage media. For the film buff, historian, or art enthusiast, this exhibit is sure to delight.

For more on Houston, click here[2].

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