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Live Like a King in Napa Valley

The Ink House offers guests a warm sanctuary, and a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history, in the heart of California’s wine country

At The Ink House, a wondrous four-bedroom boutique inn located in California’s Napa Valley, you’ll find the luxurious oasis of your dreams – literally (the property was designed to evoke the concept of a “dream house”). The 1885 building was built as a single-family home, undergoing a full renovation when propreitor Maria Castellucci’s family purchased it in 2013. Each room received an amenities update while retaining a connection to the property’s rich history: the Elvis Room, for example, is named for the legendary entertainer who stayed there during the filming of his 1961 film Wild in the Country. “We incorporated fun touches like a California King blue suede bed, houndstooth pillows, movie posters, and black-and-white photographs of Elvis and the cast.” Castellucci says. The Ink House delivers warm, one-on-one hospitality; guests can opt for personal maître d’étage service, educational wine tastings or post-dinner digestifs with the Castellucci family.