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Reserve a Dinner Party at Niche Niche

SoHo’s latest wine bar offers special one-a-night and one-of-a-kind seating

Any of the high expectations gathered from hearing the name of this downtown Manhattan wine bar can be fully met. Well, you might not expect the bathroom’s walls to be covered in puppy images, but that’s just an added bonus. Niche Niche, opened in March 2019, is the intimate restaurant outing that you wish you could throw every night of the week in your own home.

Created by the owner of Air’s Champagne Parlor and Tokyo Record Bar, Ariel Arce, Niche Niche is devoted to curating a different dinner party each night. With recruitment from a new wine expert for each seating – from producers and sommeliers to writers and wine shop owners – every meal is prepared to match. Chef Zach Fabian is the expert on the other side of the elevated bar watching over the kitchen. He’s the one dreaming up a family-style menu to pair with the different pours each night.

With a corner location, Niche Niche strikes the perfect balance between natural light pouring in (ideal for a summer supper) and a cave-like intimacy with all the nooks and crannies. Plus, there’s an actual cave. Grab a glass and head downstairs to discover a wine cellar that actually used to be a bank – old vault included. If you’d like to enjoy the social atmosphere, jumping around to tables is encouraged, because, dinner parties are supposed to be fun.

The pricing is $40 for the wine tasting with $40 for the food pairing. While reservations can be secured a month out, a small number of seats will also remain open for walk-ins and for drinking wine à-la-carte from a large repertoire Ariel handpicked herself.