The Perfect Hot Spot Pairing in Chicago

by Kasey Caminiti | March 9, 2016 12:50 pm

Maple & Ash
Steakhouse Maple & Ash, which just debuted in the former Hunt Club space, is about as Gold Coast as you can get. Our favorite on the menu is the dry-aged ribeye, but don’t miss the sophisticated wine program and innovative cocktails from award-winning sommelier Belinda Chang. The two-level restaurant boasts a wood-burning hearth that plays an integral role in both the décor and the classic yet eclectic menu. “Our kitchen is centered around a 12-foot wood-fired hearth, so each guest should try something cooked on the fire,” suggests partner Brian O’Connor. “I recommend our towers of grilled shellfish—the heat and smoke bring out so much flavor and are perfect to share at the table.”

8 West Maple Street;[1]

Punt & Plume’s Wine Selection

Punt & Plume
Along with two partners, Daniel Allen, the longtime owner of Lincoln Park’s now-closed Black Duck Tavern, has opened a wine and cigar[2] shop called Punt & Plume in West Lincoln Park. The intimate space sells artisan wine, premium cigars, local spirits, craft beer, charcuterie and cheese. There’s even a large, custom-built walk-in cedar humidor in the rear of the shop. So what convinced Allen and his partners to open? “After two decades in the restaurant industry, it was time to venture into something new,”  he says. “I had the fortunate opportunity to partner with wine and cigar aficionado Douglas Geyer to fill a need in this neighborhood. Our shop really emphasizes personal attention in a cool, custom-designed atmosphere.” 

1324 West Wrightwood Avenue;[3]

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