Sushi Like You’ve Never Tasted Before

by admin | March 4, 2016 11:50 am

A trendy pop-up restaurant called Prey[1] is on a mission to save the planet. Chef Bun Lai’s sustainable sushi spot took over the rooftop of 1 Hotel South Beach at the start of the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in February, and will be serving eco-friendly[2] sushi with ingredients like catfish, Asian carp, mugwort and wild hog until April 30th.

A dish at Prey

A dish at Prey

Sounds unusual, right? That’s because many of the ingredients used at Prey are invasive species that damage the environment due to overpopulation. The philosophy is that hunting only these species will help bring balance back to the ecosystem.

“By utilizing invasive species, by catching and foraging for them ourselves, we reconnect with the living planet that nourishes us,”says Chef Bun Lai, who has personally hunted, dived and foraged for ingredients. “People who have a relationship with nature understand that we have to nourish and protect the planet that nourishes and protects us.” 

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