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Pitchfork Festival Introduces New Offerings

From air-conditioned bathrooms to Negroni Slushies, Pitchfork +PLUS is set to steal the show this year

LCD Soundsystem, Solange, Francis and the Lights and air-conditioned bathrooms. The annual Pitchfork Music Festival has officially stepped up its game for the 12th year, adding an available upgraded experience to the weekend. The festival will be held in Union Park, Chicago and expects about 20,000 attendees per day in general admission, while Pitchfork +PLUS will accommodate up to 1,500 lucky attendees.

Pitchfork Music Festival
Photo by: Matt Lief Anderson

If you’re an avid festivalgoer, you know the drill when it comes to the experience. From a-list headliners to emerging artists, the music helps to set the mood for a fest as soon as the lineup is released. Then there is the craft beer, cocktails and local fare available—necessities to keep your stamina up for the busy weekend. Above all else is the consistently less-than-luxe bathroom experience. Anyone who has had to hover over an over-flowing, hot box of a port-o-potty knows the things they would do for a clean, cool and fresh toilet. Festivalgoers, meet Pitchfork +PLUS and their air-conditioned bathrooms.

Along with these treasured stalls, this new offering will include a shaded lounge area, Wi-Fi and phone-charging stations. “Pitchfork +PLUS will help to make being at a festival for three days, ten hours a day, more comfortable,” Adam Krefman, Director of Brand Development at Pitchfork, says of the new option. “We like to continually change up the festival. We start to understand what works and doesn’t and where our weak spots and strengths are. It’s pretty rare to be able to do that,” he adds. 

Carly Rae Jepson at Pitchfork 2016
Photo by: Courtney Pedersen

The real headliner of the festival, according to Krefman, is the partnership with Chicago-based restaurant Land and Sea Dept. “They have such strong ties to the art and music community and some of the best restaurants and bars in Chicago,” Krefman says. “Parson’s Chicken and Fish and Longman and Eagle will have food booths while Paul McGee, an award-winning bartender will be mixing cocktails.” Krefman goes on to describe the food and beverages that will be available in Pitchfork +PLUS, including a refreshing Negroni Slushy from Parson’s Chicken and Fish. “That place has the best patio in Chicago, and the best Negroni Slushy,” Krefman reveals. 

Along with the top-billed musicians, new artists, delicious local fare and the creature comforts (read: toilets), there are a few ancillary aspects within Pitchfork +PLUS. There will be flat screen television screens in the lounge and wireless headphones available. “The headphones are not supposed to replace the live music experience. But, if you’re getting a Negroni Slushy and you hear Angel Olsen performing and you can’t make it over to the stage, you are still able to enjoy the music,” Krefman describes.

Pitchfork Music Festival
Photo by: Garrett Duncan

With so many new endeavors, this community-centric festival is sure to impress its returning attendees along with first-timers. “There’s such a community feeling at the festival and that’s not even something we can really control,” Krefman explains. “That’s the guests; the people who make a commitment to Pitchfork. They circle the date on the calendar, buy the tickets around Christmas time and show up, year after year,” he says of the laid-back atmosphere and loyal fans.

Pitchfork Festival will take place July 14 – 16 with music from 1pm – 10pm every day. Gates open at noon every day. For more info on the festival, visit pitchfork.com