Colorful Jewelry to Collect From Palm Beach

by Natasha Wolff | August 15, 2022 10:38 pm

“I’ve always loved jewelry and accessorizing, but in the last decade, as the trend towards dainty jewelry became more popular, I found it unaffordable to collect in a way that made any sort of statement,” explains Courtney Leidy of Courtney Leidy Jewelry[1]. “One dainty bracelet that cost thousands didn’t make an impact unless it was stacked with five more dainty bracelets. I was always drawn to more substantial pieces, and it was this gap in the market that fueled my desire to design.” Leidy and her family left New York two years ago for the Sunshine State, but for years prior, she spent time in the Diamond District to learn the art of wax carving and jewelry design. “I spent many years exploring ideas around different collections and sketching and designing miscellaneous pieces for myself,” she says. “During that time, my challenge was finding a way to focus it all.” When friends started asking her to create pieces for them, a hobby turned into a reality. This March, her pieces were featured at an all-female designer exhibition, which was hosted by The Stax and Sotheby’s Palm Beach.

Jewelry designer Courtney Leidy (Victoria Benoit)

“Having had one month to pull together my debut collection, I started with a small capsule that I am continuing to build upon,” she says. “I launched with Double Flip Pendants[2], chains[3] and rings, and will soon be launching mini pendants that can be worn on a chain or on an earring hoop, in addition to ear cuffs, bracelets and anklets. “As much as possible, I’m trying to make each piece multi-functional, so a pendant can be worn as both a necklace or an earring, an ear cuff as a pinky ring, a bracelet as an anklet, and so on.” Inspired by the colors, forms and fluidity of post-war abstract expressionism and Japan’s post-war Gutai art movement—like artist Jiro Yoshihara’s iconic “Circle” paintings—the Post Collection features her signature pendants in a variety of rich-colored cabochon gemstones, shapes and sizes.

18k yellow gold, turquoise and carnelian Double Flip pendants, $5,050, 18k yellow gold chain, $8,400, COURTNEY LEIDY JEWELRY,

Set in 18k yellow gold, the Double Flip allows you to wear one single pendant on its own or connect several together to create a truly unique statement piece. The Jiro Ring[4] is an organically-shaped ring fabricated in heavy 18k yellow gold. “I like to mix contrasting textures and finishes, which isn’t commonly seen in contemporary jewelry,” she says. “I think that’s what sets my pieces apart. They’re big and bold, and while you can stack them, each is intended to be a statement piece all on its own.”

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