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Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip’s Guide to Orange County

Check out this bi-coastal doctor’s favorite hot spots around Orange County, California

With offices in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills and New York, Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip knows it all when it comes to coast-to-coast beauty. “The West Coast is more of a body culture. It’s warm, it’s sunny and people are more body-conscious—but the face work on each coast is pretty equivalent.” The board-certified plastic surgeon is the go-to expert when it comes to a perfectly natural and updated look. “Most people who are getting surgery are doing it for a good reason. People simply want to look balanced and better in their clothes. The look is more refreshed and more natural instead of overdone.” When he isn’t fulfilling beauty dreams in the office or operating room, he enjoys these hot spots around Orange County.

Power Lunch: Pelican Grill for impressive views, good food and a great atmosphere.

Retail Therapy: Fashion Island—I love that it is outdoors so you can enjoy the beautiful SoCal weather while perusing all the best stores in one place.

Date Night: Splashes Restaurant offers romantic vibes right on the sand.