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John Barrett’s Pony Tail Bar Opens

The Fifth Avenue salon offers its own spin on tails

Women of New York, there’s no excuse for droopy ponytails anymore—The John Barrett Salon is here to take your unkempt and messy ends in hand. At Barrett’s new Ponytail Bar, located in his salon on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman, nimble-fingered stylists are now shaping the hair of mere mortals into celeb-inspired ponytails and top knots. (And if you’re a fan of plaits, never fear—Barrett’s trendy Braid Bar, which started in June 2011, continues to operate.) 

Upon entering, clients receive a menu of images with different styles to choose from. However, feel free to bring your own photos. One of the most requested looks? The classic “Kate Middleton” mid-crown tail. “It’s traditional, gorgeous and universally flattering,” says Jenna Goldate, spokesperson for The John Barrett Salon. Hey, you may not end up marrying a prince, but at least you’ll have hair fit for a princess. 

Appointments are generally 30 minutes long and cost $50. Call 212-872-2700, ext 1 to schedule.