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Symbolic Exhibition “Art After Stonewall: 1969-1989” in Miami

This retrospective archives the expressive focus of artists after Stonewall

Only three cities get to present the powerful “Art After Stonewall: 1969-1989” exhibition, and Miami is one of them. Opened September 14 at the Frost Art Museum FIU, the show serves as a visual history of the LGBTQ civil rights movement in the two decades that followed the Stonewall Riots, expressed through more than 200 pieces by artists including Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Diane Arbus, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and many others. Two of the arts featured in the exhibition, Felix Gonzalez-T0rres and Martin Kreloff, once lived and created art in Miami; their work was instrumental in raising awareness about the AIDS crisis. The exhibition will headline Art Basel in December—it runs through January 5.

A Silence=Death Project Poster.

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