Inside The Four Seasons Of Cryotherapy

by Natasha Wolff | October 14, 2019 11:30 am

In the city that never sleeps, it comes as no surprise that its overstimulated residents are looking for ways to renew their minds, bodies, and souls. Enter John Hoekman[1] and his carefully curated cryotherapy studio, Quick Cryo[2]. Positioning the space as the first luxury cryotherapy[3] studio in New York City, Hoekman and his team have brought an upmarket element to what was previously a not-so-glam event.

“While I was hooked on the therapy and its benefits, the experience was invariably more like a Motel 6, or at best a Holiday Inn,” he says. “I felt that consumers would gravitate to a more upscale brand, so I set out to create the Four Seasons of cryotherapy.”

The Tribeca studio looks more like a luxe spa than an area packed with cryotherapy[4] machines. Everything—from the plush robes to the oxygen bar in the entrance—is of five-star quality. Now, Hoekman is expanding his cryotherapy empire with a flagship location inside Saks Fifth Avenue’s salon space.

“I’ve been very methodical and measured when looking at expansion, and when [The Salon Project founder] Joel Warren approached me about creating the salon of the future, I was intrigued,” he says. “The idea is creating a space where one could go to get their hair cut and colored while enjoying a cryo facial, oxygen therapy, compression, and other biohacking modalities to maximize the use of your time.”

In other words: the ultimate in multitasking beauty, recovery, and longevity, all at once. “We are now doing just that at the flagship location on Fifth Avenue, with plans to roll out nationwide,” Hoekman says.

It makes sense that interest in cryotherapy is on the rise, given its many benefits. “A whole-body cryotherapy session at Quick Cryo takes just three minutes, burns 500 to 800 calories, and reboots your body and mind naturally,” he says. “With cryo-sculpting treatments, NormaTec compression, oxygen therapy, and local/facial cryo offerings, you can freeze fat, eliminate cellulite, tone and tighten your skin, and look and feel your best.”

Decorative elements in the Quick Cryo treatment rooms

And all vanity elements aside, it is a game changer for those with sports injuries and chronic pain.

“There are so many ways that it helps people, but by far the number one is living a more pain-free life,” Hoekman says. “Globally, the top reported benefit is—surprisingly—better sleep, and that, combined with greatly reduced inflammation, is a great recipe for feeling better in both your body and your mind.”

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