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Houston’s New Hotel Icon

The $5 million revamp revealed

Thanks to her global interior-design firm, Kimberley Miller of Duncan Miller Ullmann has brought “whimsical sophistication with a twist” to high-end properties around the world. She recently lent her unique aesthetic to the $5-million renovation of Houston’s 135-room downtown Hotel Icon.

What was your vision with Hotel Icon?
To breathe a new, modern style into a historically significant building. We give a subtle nod to Texas and try to emphasize the chic ambience of the vibrant urban center of Houston.

What can people expect to find in the refurbished hotel in terms of style?
Brilliant orange accents are used in the guestrooms to offset the neutral palette. Calming blue details, from the mirror to the carpet, harmonize with existing millwork. We’ve added humor and a sense of Texas with cow art and fun wall hooks.

How do you incorporate Texas charm into an interior without going overboard?
The key is to use classic Texan materials in unexpected ways. Use western belts placed end-to-end on a wall as a great border. Apply nailheads in a Texana pattern to a piece of furniture or a wall treatment, make drapes out of leather instead of fabric, or use a western belt buckle as a tieback. All economical and easy to do.