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That Hippie Chic Look

In July, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston goes groovy with the best and boldest of 1960s dress

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With the punk trend on the rise once again, it seems fitting to explore that other UK-born, equally rebellious style made popular during the flower-child era. Beginning next month, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts will showcase fifty ensembles that include the micro minis, psychedelic prints and fringe that served as catalysts for what is known today as Hippie Chic.

The exhibit, named for said trend, is a study in going against the grain, examining a counter-culture that rejected high fashion in favor of something with a pop. The items are all on loan from various museums and private collections and will be on display from July 16th through November 11th. So get in the groove—this may be a sign of the times where that hippie chic look is once again making returning to the fashion scene.

Take a look through our DuJour gallery to preview pieces from the exhibit.