Hamptons Home Design Stars

by Natasha Wolff | July 2, 2012 12:00 am

The 22-year-old Sag Harbor resident Maximillian Eicke[1] was considering a career in architecture—that is, until he created his very first piece of furniture, a Bauhaus-inspired coffee table for his senior project at The Ross School[2] in East Hampton. “My passion changed overnight,” he explains. “Nothing could beat the feeling of seeing a full-scale version of a design I had dreamt up.” Eicke—whose father is an art collector and mother an ex-Vogue editor—then went on to intern at renowned design firms like Hermès[3] collaborator Polenz[4] GMBH before launching his own company soon after turned 20. Eicke has just debuted his third collection of simple-yet-striking tables, chairs and shelves in materials like teak, marble and stainless steel. “It’s the perfect mix of my minimalist passion for using hard edges and basic geometrical shapes,” says the designer. 

In some ways, a modeling agent is the perfect person from whom to buy antique furniture—her eagle eye is trained to spot treasures in the unlikeliest of places. And that’s exactly what you get at Sag Harbor’s recently unveiled boutique Monc XIII[5], whose owner, Natascha Esch, was the president of Wilhelmina Models[6] before she struck out as an interior designer. “My time at Wilhelmina gave me exposure to global influences of different styles,” she explains. “But it has also trained me to recognize beautiful things.” And while Esch’s scouting background is evident in the individual pieces in the shop, the way she positions these items in the space is what brings her design process into focus. She says, “After designing for 12 years, I wanted to curate my own vision and the store was the perfect platform.”


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