Rosé Royalty in the Hamptons

by Natasha Wolff | March 20, 2019 2:30 pm

Since launching in early 2018, Hampton Water has been filling the glasses of not just chic Hamptonites, but rosé lovers across the country. Developed by rock legend Jon Bon Jovi and son Jesse Bongiovi, Languedoc Rosé Diving Into Hampton Water[1] was named to Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2018[2] and was lauded as the top rosé in the world. “To be recognized by this esteemed organization at all, especially in our first year, is a real accomplishment and a true testament to all of our hard work,” Bongiovi says of the accolades.

Created with the help of acclaimed French winemaker Gérard Bertrand, Hampton Water offers a dry and crisp flavor, with fruit-forward tasting notes. Bongiovi describes the blend as something that can be savored all day and into the night, allowing the “Hamptons lifestyle” to be enjoyed in all its glory, no matter where you are actually sipping. “The Hamptons has always been a special place for me—it’s where my family goes to slow down from our busy lives and spend time together. We call it the exhale,” he says.

Working in the vineyards is a family affair

While eastern Long Island[3] exudes calmness and a feeling of community, Hampton Water also strives to embody those characteristics, with its roots planted in family. “Hampton Water represents that sense of place, not necessarily geographically, but emotionally,” Bongiovi explains. “Essentially, we wanted to bottle up that feeling of making memories with people you love the most. We hope people share that same sentiment when they sip a glass of Hampton Water.”

With the introduction of the Hampton Water 2018 Vintage this spring, we’re ready to toast to this award-winning rosé and the family-focused feelings that it celebrates.

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