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Clara Lee’s Guide to L.A. Living

The singer and actress dishes on her go-to spots in the City of Angels

Clara Lee is one busy lady. The Swiss-born beauty is working as a model, actress, K-Pop singer, rapper and dancer—and to top it off, she was recently given the not-too-shabby title of “Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by Mode magazine.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Lee recently released her first single, “Fear,” and will be dropping a new single, “Cutie Song,” in December.  According to Lee, “Cutie Song” is “a very catchy, easy song that’s kind of like ‘Gangnam Style.’ The choreographer of ‘Gangnam Style’ is working on ‘Cutie Song’ with me, so it’s going to be the same type of dance, one that you and your friends can always do together.”  Soon after Lee’s second single is released, her new comedy, Working Girl, will hit theatres in January. 

When Lee isn’t taking over Seoul, she’s living in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles.  Here, she maps out her top neighborhood spots. 

SoHo House
9200 Sunset Blvd

There’s a 360-degree view of all of L.A. from the bar at SoHo House. Even though it’s inside, there’s a strong sense of nature and openness, there’s even lots of trees inside, so that’s why I like it there.

In-N-Out Burger
9245 W. Venice Blvd

In-N-Out is really famous in Korea. If you’re Korean and are coming to L.A, you have to eat there. Whenever I come to L.A., I go straight to In-N-Out and have a Double-Double with a milkshake. I also always eat there on the way to the airport when I’m about to leave L.A. It’s the first and last thing I do.

Urth Café
451 S Hewitt St

I like nature, and Urth Cafe is very organic. I like sitting outside on the benches and eating their salad, which is always fresh. My favorite thing to get there is chai tea with tapioca. It’s just a natural, casual café that I can go to anytime to chill, relax and talk to people.

The Grove Mall and Farmer’s Market
189 The Grove Dr

You can’t really feel Christmas-y in L.A., but if you go to the Grove, there are very tall Christmas trees, jingle bells everywhere and all the Christmas things you’d normally see during the holidays.

Melrose Boutique Stores

All the brands that are famous in L.A. are also famous in Korea, but the stuff at Melrose is really unique. You can’t get them anywhere else; they’re so different. I’m collecting all these interesting hairbands and cute watches from the boutiques on Melrose Avenue. It’s nice to walk around there and see all the colorful items in the store windows.

Next Door Lounge
1154 North Highland Ave

The Next Door Lounge makes me feel like I’m in the olden days. The dresses and old-fashioned tuxedos that the staff wears are very unique; it’s like having a Halloween party there. They even play a black and white movie; when I go there, feel like I’m in a movie!

Malibu Beach

When I go to Malibu Beach, I feel like I’m in Miami. The ocean is sky blue, green and turquoise all mixed together. Whenever I want to get rid of all my stresses and just relax, I go to Malibu Beach.

Hollywood Wax Museum
6767 Hollywood Blvd

I’ve uploaded so many photos that I took at the Wax Museum because I had so much fun there! I want people to know that they should go there right before closing because that’s when you can do all these crazy things with the wax statues. I was being quite mean to some of the wax figures, but it’s just too much fun.

Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Dr

I love to go to museums, but some places are too boring. The Getty Museum is really entertaining. The place is huge; it’s like a castle, and they have everything there! There’s also this big garden that I really love. You just lie down in the grass and have a snack after you see all the amazing art that they have.