April Francis

by admin | July 2, 2012 12:00 am

“I love stuff that isn’t what I’m seeing all the time,” says April Francis. “If someone is doing X, I want to be doing Y.” As founder of styling biz the Haute Closet[1], creator of Dose Market[2] and freelance consultant to clients like Nike[3] and Park Hyatt International[4] spas, Francis is actually doing X and Y and Z. And it seems to be working. The 29-year-old is known for her selective eye and ability to edit, a skill she is constantly honing whether she’s culling a customer’s closet, curating local vendors to participate at Dose[5] (a monthly bazaar of local food and fashion at River East Art Center[6] in Streeterville) or researching the culture in Amman, Jordan, to develop a new Hyatt[7] spa concept. Her personal style is as unpredictable as her career path. “I love weird stuff, the weirder the better,” she says. “But I also love functional.” At a recent party, Francis wore a reversible Kenzo[8] dress. “When I told people, they asked me to go switch it. I did, and everyone loved it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Fortner

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