Chad Conway Knows Good Dogs

by Kasey Caminiti | January 22, 2021 11:00 am

For years, dog lover Chad Conway has helped place high-quality pets into loving homes around the world through his company, Upper East Side institution American Kennels[1]. “For me, every day is a new adventure in the happiest business on earth, pairing people with their perfect companion animals.” With a devoted, knowledgeable staff, some who have worked there for 30 years, a 24-hour owner helpline and well-vetted pets and breeders, American Kennels is the premier destination for finding a new pet. “Our motto is, first we will find you your best friend. Then, we will be your best friend’s best friend,” says Conway, who loves sourcing rare breeds for discerning clients. “We have a wider selection of breeds today than ever before: mixed breeds have almost overtaken purebreds in popularity.”

Some of American Kennels’ adorable pups

Some of American Kennels’ adorable pups

With people spending more time at home and desiring companionship, Conway says that the past year has seen a huge surge in dog ownership[2], with the most popular breeds being Goldendoodles, Havanese, French Bulldogs and Yorkies. “Dog ownership is a universal good: good for dogs[3], good for the community and, needless to say, good for business,” says Conway, who himself has three dogs. The kennel’s Instagram account (@americankennels[4]) is regularly populated with new pups looking for homes, making the buying process even easier.

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