Visit The West Village’s Newest Parisien Coffee Shop

by Natasha Wolff | November 11, 2019 1:30 pm

Maison Kitsuné[1], the Parisien cult fashion-brand and music label with shops all over the world, is opening one of its popular mainstay cafés in New York City. Making a home in the West Village, Café Kitsuné—complete with a bar, restaurant, and adjoining showroom—will open its doors on November 7. The coffee shop is French with a Japanese spin featuring a menu curated by Tokyo chef Yuji Tani, paired with a selection of French wines, with desserts by local pâtissier Ayako Kurokawa from Japanese bakery Burrow and ice creams by Nicholas Morgenstern of his popular eponymous store.

The location is designed by one of the store’s co-founders, Masaya Kuroki, and looks like it has been taken right off a charming side-street in Paris and dropped into a chic Manhattan neighborhood—a welcoming pâtisserie you could spend hours in sipping foamy lattes, reading the next great American novel or nonchalantly chatting about a jazz band with a stranger at a nearby table.

Café Kitsuné will open on 550 Hudson Street.

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