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The Best Workouts in New York City

Cycle, strength train and sprint your way to feeling healthy and looking toned

The chain of cycling studios-—featuring charismatic and inspirational instructors, carefully chosen music sets and candlelight—has become a national phenomenon. Three Manhattan locations; be sure to book ahead.

305 Fitness
18 West 8th Street
A dance-cardio workout studio that takes its name from the Miami zip code. Burn up to 800 calories in just one of its 55-minute workouts, which include aerobic and anaerobic training, high intensity sprints, cardio endurance and muscular toning.

AKT in Motion
AKT stands for the Anna Kaiser technique. The brilliant workout yogi was the creator of these studios, which integrate dance and yoga. Two AKT in Motion studios in New York City.

Anti-Gravity Lab
265 West 37th Street, Number 1100
Created and founded by the Broadway Aerial Choreographer Christopher Harrison, this studio is the leader and pioneer of “Anti-Gravity yoga.” You too can soon be soaring above your yoga mat.

Barry’s Bootcamp
Delivering what instructors call the “Best Workout in the World,” these intense cargo and strength-training classes are designed to burn 1,000 calories in the course of one nonstop workout. Kim Kardashian, Jake Gyllenhaal, Katie Holmes and Jessica Biel swear by it. Three locations in New York City.

BFX Studio
555 Avenue of the Americas
BFX Studio is a luxurious boutique studio that teaches a multi-disciplinary, cross-training method; workouts are customizable for each person by highly trained boutique instructors, called “Xperts.”

AKT in Motion

AKT in Motion

Brick Crossfit
257 West 17th Street
Known for the strong sense of community it provides to members, this CrossFit gym and its team of accomplished instructors tailor their workouts to each individual. Flagship is a 13,000-square-foot space in Manhattan, outfitted with a smoothie bar, a dry sauna and an exclusive members lounge.

40 East 23rd Street
Using overhead bungee cords, ChaiseFitness offers what it calls the “Reinvention Method,” which fuses ballet, Pilates and aerobics—all working to give you lean muscles and core strength and flexibility.

Exceed Physical Culture
A boutique gym, Exceed was established in 2012 by renowned celebrity trainer Ed Cashin. His metabolic and strength workout aims to raise your heart rate while building muscle for a straight 50 minutes. Two locations in Manhattan.

The Exhale brand provides rejuvenation in many dimensions of well being, all under one roof. Instructors offer barre and yoga classes along with acupuncture, healing and transformative spa therapies. Three locations in New York City.

Lyon’s Den Power Yoga
279 Church Street
This Tribeca yoga practice is determined to embolden clients on and off the mat, focusing on poses and a flow of practice that builds strength, balance and flexibility. The only yoga studio in Manhattan dedicated to teaching Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga in the Baptiste Yoga™ Method.



227 West 29th Street
This boutique cycling studio offers remote live cycling classes. Every time an instructor climbs onto his or her bike to teach one of Peloton’s lively classes at the New York studio, thousands of Peloton bike owners all over America participate.

Refine Method
340 East 71st Street
Founded by Brynn Putnam, a Harvard-educated former dancer with the New York Ballet, the studio got its name from the “refining” of information done after Putnam traveled the country learning from top athletic trainers and scientists. As a result, Refine Method calls its program “New York’s Smartest Workout.”

30 West 18th Street
Swerve is the first cycling studio in the world to offer a “team inspired” indoor cycling workout. Maximizes on the aspects of being a team member—competing as a unit, encouraging team members and allowing each member to measure progress —to help each individual reach potential.

Tone House
20 East 17th Street
Founded by a former professional athlete and model, Alonzo Wilson, Tone House is a gym for individuals who are athletes—or want to look like one. Based on the philosophy that movement training is the key to athletic-based, sports conditioning workouts.