The Upper Crust

by Natasha Wolff | February 18, 2015 12:32 pm

Pizza Beach
1426 Third Avenue[1]

Proprietors: Owners Tom and Anthony Martignetti and chef Michael Sullivan.
Most popular toppings: Roasted baby beets, goat cheese and micro arugula. 
Most exotic pie request: “A few guests have asked for mango on our Thai coconut shrimp pie. We’re actually thinking about trying it,” says Anthony Martignetti. 
Chef’s favorite: The lamb merguez pie with grass-fed lamb, shishito peppers, cilantro and Oaxaca cheese.
Dough type: Neo-Neapolitan dough: flour, water, salt and yeast. 
Tomatoes: San Marzano.
Cheese: “We buy our curds from multi-generational family cheese maker Lioni’s Lattici in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and make our own mozzarella from the curds,” says Chef Sullivan.  
Best served with: “We have a worldly, eclectic wine list of 40 bottles at $40 and $10 wines by the glass,” says Sullivan.
Chef’s favorite NYC slice: Di Fara.


SRO (Single Room Occupancy)
334 Bowery[2] 

Proprietor: Guilio Adriani.
Most popular topping: The Margherita (San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil) 
Most exotic pie request: “Garlic on a Margherita,” says Adriani. “That’s horror for an Italian.”
Chef’s favorite: The fried Montanara pie. 
Dough type: 36-hours of high hydration with 00 caputo flour.
Tomatoes: Italian imported organic San Marzano DOP “Ciro.”
Cheese from: House-made mozzarella, Di Palo and Buonitalia for specialty cheeses.
Best served with: Wine.
Chef’s favorite NYC slice: Joe’s Pizza on Bleecker Street



118 Greenwich Avenue[3] 

Proprietors: CEO Simone Falco and executive chef Kenneth Welch.
Most popular topping: “Definitely soppressata piccante (spicy Neapolitan salami) which together with mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes, comprises our best-selling Indiavolata pizza” says Falco. “It’s the most popular because of its simple yet quality toppings.”
Most exotic pie request: The Broccoletta, with a base of crème fraîche topped with Brussels sprouts and guanciale.
Chef’s favorite: “Margherita pizza, sometimes with buffalo mozzarella, listed on the menu as Verace. I like it with a grind of fresh black pepper.”
Dough type: “The highest quality 00 Caputo flour, water, salt and natural yeast. Just like in Naples.”
Tomatoes: San Marzano.
Cheese from: Mozzarella di Bufala from Campania.
Best served with: Gragnano, red sparkling wine from the city south of Naples that it’s named after.
Chef’s Favorite NYC slice: Di Fara.


919 Fulton Street[4] 

Propreitors: Chef/owners Matthew and Emily Hyland.
Most popular topping: The Colony: Pepperoni, pickled chilis and honey. 
Most exotic pie request: “Fried Chicken. It sounds good but we don’t have it in house,” says Matthew Hyland.
Chef’s favorite: “The Matt, obviously. It is an off menu pie because I don’t want any modifications to it. Not many people order it because it is not printed, but our regulars usually get it. It is a pie with fontina and sauce dollops topped with mushrooms and a lot of pecorino. It is baked for a longer time so it gets really well done, and when it comes out of the oven, it is topped with generous amounts of olive oil and pecorino.”
Dough type: “King Arthur organic AP and Central Milling organic rye. We really believe in using local, American flour.”
Tomatoes: Jersey Fresh Tomatoes.
Cheese from: “We make our mozzarella and ricotta fresh every day. For the mozzarella, we use curds from Lioni, and we make the ricotta from 5 Acre Farms milk and cream.”
Best served with: Radiant Pig junior IPA or a dry sparkling red like a Gragnano.
Chef’s favorite NYC slice: “Joe and Pat’s and Rubirosa. Emily and I occasionally make a trip out to Staten Island for Joe and Pat’s, which has a great New York pie. Rubirosa is owned by the same people and is much closer.”


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