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The Best Museums and Activities in San Francisco

Everything you need to know about San Fran’s arts and culture scene

San Francisco Symphony
201 Van Ness Avenue
A world-class cultural and musical attraction in San Fran, no trip is truly complete without a visit to one of the renowned orchestral performances here.

Coit Tower
1 Telegraph Hill Blvd
Perched atop historic Telegraph Hill, the structure affords a 360-degree view of the city and the bay, from the Golden Gate all the way around to Bay Bridge.  But the true beauty lies inside the tower itself, where murals upon murals of art depict a rich history.

San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco Symphony

Lombard Street
1099 Lombard Street
The world famous crooked street consisting of cobblestones and eight steep hairpin turns is prone to traffic jams, but it’s not to be missed during a visit to the city. Take a stroll during the warmer months where chrysanthemums are in full bloom along the zigzag road.

San Francisco Railway Museum
77 Steuart Street
What this museum lacks in space, it makes up for in rich history. Inside you’ll find railway-related information, including unique historic artifacts, rarely seen archival photos and audio-visual exhibits that bring rail transit from the 19th and 20th centuries to life.

Palace of Fine Arts
3301 Lyon Street
Don’t forget your camera when visiting The Palace of Fine Arts; it is one of the most photographed spots in the city. Popular for hosting art exhibitions, visitors also flock here to reflect by the tranquil lagoon and see the beautiful Greek-style architecture.

Gallery Paule Anglim
14 Geary St
This elite gallery boasts over 30 years of historically important exhibitions and has featured the likes of California Beat artists, Bay Area conceptualists of the ‘70s and ‘90s, as well as international artists.