What’s in Store at the 3rd Annual AspenBrainLab

by Natasha Wolff | July 1, 2015 9:48 am

Of all the conferences and conventions to take in this summer, the AspenBrainLab is one of the most interesting and engaging. The annual lecture series was born out of the Aspen Brain Forum[1]‘s desire to foster collaboration and scientific discovery. Now in its third year, the series does just that—and so much more.

The conference, held at the prestigious Aspen Institute, includes twelve brilliant short talks and meditations surrounding the brain, including topics like addiction and recovery, sleep deprivation[2] and the aging effects of stress on our bodies and brains. Speakers range from innovators like Walter Isaacson and Anderson Cooper to leading doctors in the neurology field, and reflection sessions cover everything from hip-hop meditation to laughter meditation. 

Session one will take place from 8am-12:30pm followed by Session two from 2-5pm on July 25. Tickets range from $175-$500 and can be purchased online at aspenbrainlab.com[3] or aspenshowtix.com[4]

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