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by Natasha Wolff | July 5, 2021 11:30 am

The Carbondale, Colorado-based[1] beauty brand Osmia[2] was founded nine years ago by Dr. Sarah Villafranco. Through her research and treatment, Dr. Villafranco has become an expert in skin conditions like perioral dermatitis (from which she suffers) and acne. “When Osmia launched in 2012, there were only a handful of clean brands, and even fewer in the luxury category,” says Dr. Villafranco. “Now, the market is brimming with clean brands, although very few have our level of ingredient standards. As new brands continue to emerge, we’re grateful for the reputation we’ve built in the industry when it comes to transparency, commitment to quality, sustainability and truth.”

Osmia Nectar Vital Rose Drops, Naked Body Mousse and Body Soap

Osmia Nectar Vital Rose Drops, Naked Body Mousse and Body Soap

Handcrafted in small batches, the product line features fan favorites like Black Clay Facial Soap, Purely Simple Face Cream, Nectar Vital Rose Drops and Lip Doctor lip balm. “I just couldn’t find other products that didn’t aggravate my face,” she says. The brand has a quiz on its website designed to point people to two or three products based on their skin’s current needs. “We like to start people with a very simple routine so their skin can adjust slowly to the new products,” says Dr. Villafranco. “Once they’re seeing good results, they have the option to add in more steps or keep it simple and sweet for the long haul.” No matter your age, Osmia’s products and ethos are designed for everyone. “I got tired of the ‘you have to look 23 and perfect forever’ mindset in the skincare industry,” she explains. “Our products are made to bring out both your healthiest skin and your biggest, most authentic smile—at every age.”

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