Artistic Endeavors in Orange County

by Natasha Wolff | July 12, 2019 12:30 pm

It was a youthful whim that led Jessica Glasier to her thriving career as one of Orange County’s foremost fine art consultants. While studying in Paris, she impulsively decided to take a class that focused on Picasso. Immediately she fell in love with art history, changed her major, continued her education across the capitals of Europe, and, as she says, “I have not looked back since.”

If she’d peered into a crystal ball during her university days, Glasier would have seen a vital role at prestigious Heather James Fine Art[1] in her future. Here in Newport Beach, she’s become known for delivering impeccable white-glove service to her many distinguished clients, whether they’re local residents or global connoisseurs of such renowned artists as Julian Schnabel and Pat Steir.

“When I know and understand my clients’ personal values, goals for collecting, and art preferences,” she says, “I am able to offer a higher level of art advisory services for each client individually.” When Glasier begins her process, it’s usually with a simple conversation with the client. “I ask them various questions to get to know more about their collecting values, their collection, if they have one, their goals, and motivations for collecting,” she shares.

Once she acquires the necessary information, she researches the client’s existing collection. “I am very lucky in that I have a dedicated research team at Heather James Fine Art—our researchers are based all over the country, and they have access to top art libraries,” she adds. “We collaborate in finding out as much as possible about the client’s collection, including updated values, exhibition history, and details of provenance.”

Her clients find this helpful for their records, which in turn helps Glasier to understand their collecting style and trajectory. “I research works that may be a good fit for their collection, based on our conversation and research, and we work together from there.” Some collectors are just beginning to acquire art, so Glasier helps them form a strategy that’s right for their interests and budget. Conversely, when clients decide to sell works from their collections, they can call on her to provide current market values.

The range of taste and preferences in the OC holds enormous appeal and helps makes it a unique territory for Glasier. “I love that Orange County clients have a variety of collecting interests,” she notes. “Some love California Impressionism, while others love French Impressionism and the European modern masters. Others here are drawn to postwar and contemporary works, some collect Latin American, and still others prefer street art. I enjoy the diversity of art collections in Orange County.”

Only someone who’s never visited the area could possibly express surprise that it has an established fine art community. “Laguna Beach is an important town in the history of California art,” Glasier says. “We also have many great museums. What I love about working with OC clients is often finding they have an association, or interest, connected to local institutions.”

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