Shop a Cool Collaboration in Los Angeles

by Kasey Caminiti | February 16, 2021 11:00 am

Los Angeles-based fashion brands AMO and DONNI are collaborating on a capsule collection. As female founders and designers based in downtown LA, Kelly Urban of AMO[1] and Alyssa Wasko of DONNI pride themselves on giving back to their communities and prioritizing local and ethical production practices. So, they decided to collaborate on a capsule collection of sweet denim pieces: a jean jacket, rugby shirt, cardigan, bucket bag and headband. “Alyssa and I share many of the same beliefs, such as local, ethical and sustainable production practices,” says AMO co-founder Urban. “Our shared values continued to prove this was the right fit, and we both sought to design a quality collection for women to feel comfortable in wearable everyday pieces.”



“AMO’s denim is comfortable and so easy to live in,” says Wasko. “I loved adding our signature freshwater pearl accents to the denim while staying true to our local, ethical and sustainable production practices.”

Shop the capsule collection on[2] and[3].

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