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The Most Relaxing Monthly Membership on the Planet

Massages on command. Enough said

There’s nothing more calming than heading to the spa for a massage—unless, of course, you didn’t have to leave your house at all. That’s the premise of the massage therapy-based app Zeel. Anytime you feel like you need the stress-reducing treatment, you simply beckon a masseuse with a few taps on your cell. Typically clients book same-day appointments or schedule one for the very next day, and the pro comes right to your door. But if that’s not luxe enough for you, it’s best to become a member.



The yearlong memberships secure you a standing monthly massage (in addition to any others you’d like to book on top of that) at a slightly reduced rate. You can prioritize your favorite masseuses, so when your top picks become available, you’re the first to book with them. And your membership comes with a deluxe massage table—perfect to fill out a workout room or designated spa area in your home.

You can even book couples massages or have the massage therapist use your own oils. They’ll bring hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-staining varieties but are always willing to use whichever products of yours that you’d prefer. So whether you like to have your knots smoothed out now and then or want a full sports massage multiple times per week, this app’s wish is your command.

Zeel is currently available in the greater NYC area (including Long Island, the Hamptons and Westchester), South Florida (from Miami to Fort Lauderdale/Boca Raton), the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.



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