Get Fit for Fall

by Natasha Wolff | September 18, 2014 1:59 pm


These cleanses include five different certified USDA-organic juices designed to help men and women feel rejuvenated. The healthful and tasty juices are some of the hottest on the market. After three days of juicing, your body will be flushed of toxins, and your immune system will function better than before. And if you choose to juice for up to 12 days, you’ll be fully cleansed of residual build-up—and better able to stave off degenerative diseases. Whether you’re looking to slim down before your beach vacation or just recover from a weekend of excess, these nutritious bottles will keep you energized, alert and looking fit. BluePrintCleanse is currently available on Gilt City.[1]


CosmoBody Online Video Fitness

CosmoBody is an innovative new way to get fit fast. Released in July, this on-demand online service offers at-home or on-the-go workout videos and fitness plans around the clock. Get toned with your choice of eight celebrity trainers, including Jennifer Johnson (dance cardio), Astrid Swan McGuire (bootcamp), Ary Nunez (martial arts) and Tara Stiles (yoga). CosmoBody also features recommendations for fashionable workout wear, healthy and delicious recipes, advice on love and even tips for mental wellness. CosmoBody Online Video Fitness is currently available on Gilt City.[2]


Physique 57

These easy-to-use, on-demand videos feature expert instructors from New York City’s hottest barre studio, Physique 57, to help you get fit anywhere, anytime—in eight sessions or fewer. You’ll have access to online classes of your choice, allowing you to get trim and slim. Devotees of Physique 57 develop sculpted muscles, greater flexibility and endurance, a lifted seat and increased bone density, not to mention improved body alignment and cardiovascular health. Physique 57 is currently available on Gilt City. [3]


Lyfe Tea 

By offering detoxifying teas with restorative health properties, Lyfe Tea provides a new kind of cleanse experience. With a daily serving of Skinny Lyfe Tea and nightly serving of Detox Lyfe Tea, the 28-day cleanse is a simple and delicious way to recharge your system. Designed to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism, these loose-leaf teas include some of nature’s most naturally rich ingredients, from yerba mate and green tea to senna leaf and guarana. Lyfe Tea is currently available on Gilt City.[4]


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