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Uncommon Scents

Mix up “his” and “hers” for fall with fragrances that satisfy one half or the whole of any power couple

This season spritzes in with a new crop of perfumes and notes, including Balenciaga’s amber-and-mint Florobotanica, Gucci’s Première with orange blossom and Tom Ford’s Noir for men. The latter, with hints of citrus, bergamot and caraway, promises to be both elegant and sophisticated. That precise mix also predominates in the more established fragrances like L’eau de Chloé and Comme des Garçon’s Play. So whether you’re a woman pairing Dolce & Gabbana’s Pour Femme with a bold Bordeaux-colored ensemble or a guy looking to match Odin’s crisp 08 Seylon to a tailored suit, it’s time to add these blended scents to your style repertoire.

And while men’s and women’s fragrances typically sit separately on the vanity, this is the moment to experiment with an aura of the opposite sex. Cool jasmine with spicy neroli, as used in Rodin’s signature scent, works just as well for a woman as it does for a man, and bitters like blackberry and bay blur the line between a heavy cologne and a sweet perfume to create a note that can easily be shared by the “his” and “hers” of any bathroom shelf.