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Tone Up Sans Gym

Biologique Recherche debuts new body treatments at the Peninsula Spa that will help sculpt, just in time for summer

Biologique has always had somewhat of a cult following, with fashion editors, models and countless celebrities who swear by their classics products like the p50 moisturizer. Now Dr. Allouche, the head of creation for the French beauty brand, is focusing his attention on the body, with a new menu of treatments designed to lift, tone and exfoliate from head to toe available at The Peninsula Spa in New York. In a nutshell, it takes a little of the pressure off from beach season-prep.

The treatments include the Forever Young, which focuses on the neck, décolleté and upper arms; a Youthful Hands Age-defying manicure; and the Total Body Lift. The latter is certainly the most comprehensive, and uses customized Biologique serums, oils and creams to aid in the regeneration of the skin while also stimulating blood circulation throughout the body. Each treatment is curated to the client’s specific skin type, cementing this new relaxing and indulgent spa experience as unlike any other.

Though you won’t come out off the massage table with a six-pack, it does create firmer skin and also, through exfoliation, preps the body for the sun. To prolong the treatment afterwards, Biologique’s new p50 body lotion, of the same anti-aging fame as the beloved face moisturizer, is a smart investment. Who knew getting in shape for summer could feel so good?