Summer Skincare Tips From YSL Experts

by Natasha Wolff | May 21, 2020 11:00 am

Summer is nearly upon us and while we have no idea how the season will play out as far as outdoor socializing goes, we can always keep up with an epic skincare routine. Having glowing, hydrated, and moisturized skin is key whether you are having an at-home[1] outdoor barbecue (while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines, of course) or a virtual Zoom happy hour.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté was founded in 2000 and since then has been creating gorgeous makeup, fragrances, and skincare. The brand’s newest skincare launches are some of the most glamorous and effective, ranging from brightening serums to plumping face creams. We received skincare routines from three of YSL Beauty’s Expert Makeup Artists: Dell Ashley[2], Nour Agha[3], and Cong Liang[4] to help give you the best summer skin yet. See below for all three skincare routines.

Perfect Plumper Cream

Yves Saint Laurent’s Director of Makeup Artistry, Dell Ashley:

Dell Ashley

Morning skincare routine to protect skin and prevent wrinkles and anti-aging.

1. Hydra Bounce Essence-In-Lotion[5]
2. Pure Shots Lines Away Serum[6] – infused with hyaluronic acid and antioxident-rich iris extract, this soft and creamy serum locks in moisture and naturally stimulates cell rejuvenation. Lines and wrinkles appear reduced while skin is plumped and moisturized.
3. Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum – firming serum targets the loss of elasticity to define the look of contours of the face. Use on neck and along jawline.
4. Perfect Plumper Cream

Yves Saint Laurent’s National Makeup Artist, Cong Liang:

Cong Liang

Foundation tips to keep skin hydrated with a natural glow.

1. Hydra Bounce Essence-In-Lotion
2. Pure Shots Light Up Serum[7]
3. Perfect Plumper Cream[8]
4. Touche Éclat Foundation[9] – buildable coverage with a luminous glow and SPF 22 protection

Yves Saint Laurent’s National Makeup Artist, Nour Agha:

Nour Agha

Evening skincare routine so you wake up fresh and hydrated.

1. Hydra Bounce Essence-In-Lotion
2. Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum[10] – removes all the dead skin cells while repairing and stimulating the skins regeneration
3. Perfect Plumper Cream – hydrates and plumps the skin
4. Or Rouge Eye Cream
5. Top Secrets Lip Perfector[11] – primes, protects, and nourishes the lips

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