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Spring’s Minimalist Beauty

Sport a fresh new look this season with a few pointers from the runway’s backstage beauty geniuses

1. Warm complexions

Val Garland’s secret to radiant-looking skin? At BCBG Max Azria, she mixed Argan oil and moisturizer onto the high points of the face using Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream for “highlight without the frosting.”

The Expert: Dick Paige

The Details: With the Hollywood sign as his backdrop, makeup artist Dick Paige is inspired by desert beauty at Band of Outsiders. The result? Bright, natural eyes and a sun-kissed glow. To achieve this Paige warmed up skin according to tone by blending a trio of bronze, beige and plum blusher across the cheeks, bridge of the nose and forehead. Creamy gold shadow was then carefully placed around the eyes for a “halo” effect. “There’s no graphic element to this look.  No strong brow, no mascara or liner,” he says, “everything is sort of diffused”—and not to mention gorgeous.

The Product: Try Shiseido Face Color Enhancing Trio in Plum. $40, shiseido.com


2. Matte White Nails

As seen at Band of Outsiders

The Expert: Katie Jane Hughes

The Details: Also backstage at Band of Outsiders, lead manicurist Katie Jane Hughes painted clear matte polish over opaque white nails for a bit of edgy texture. “A matte top coat on shimmery tones have a velvet effect, but flat or cream tones turn into a nice chalky finish,” she says. Nails were kept short but filed to mimic the shape of cuticles for the most natural looking tips.

The Product: Try Butter London in Cotton Buds and Matte Finish. $15, butterlondon.com


3. Beach Waves

As seen at Creatures of the Wind

The Expert: Odile Gilbert

The Details: When it comes to trademark tresses, Veronica Lake ranks among the top according to Odile Gilbert who created this “cheeky” hairstyle with The Blue Dahlia actress in mind. To achieve it, Gilbert blow-dried hair into twists then wrapped sections using a 1”-inch barrel. For texture Gilbert raked curls with fingers and dry shampoo. She formed a barrette by twisting a section of hair to one side and pinning it low across the head. “The wave is the Hollywood look of it,” she says “It’s sophisticated Hollywood but going to the beach.”

The Product: For surfer texture, try Kerastase Powder Bluff. $36, kerastase-usa.com


4. Graphic Eyes

As seen at Rodarte

As seen at Rodarte

The Expert: James Kaliardos

The Details: A graphic eye never fails to make a statement and at Rodarte, James Kaliardos applied his with pinpoint precision. Inspired by L.A.’s “sleek lines” Kaliardos used an angled brush, paint pot, and pencil to create a deep sideways ‘V.’ He left the rest of the face bare with just a hint of color—a satiny mix of pinks and apricots—on the lips. Unsteady hand? Apply short strokes first, staying as close to the lash line as possible then retrace it. The overall idea is to build a thick line on the outer 2/3rds of your eye, gradually thinning it out as you move towards the center and inner corners.

The Product: Try Nars Black Valley Eye Paint with an angled brush. $25, narscosmetics.com 


5. Sleek Ponytails

As seen at Victoria Beckham

The Expert: Guido

The Details: With the help of a basic black headband, the ponytail is very now according to Guido the hair pro behind this clean and sporty look at Victoria Beckham. Before blow-drying hair away from the face, Guido applied a heat styling lotion to protect strands. He then secured hair into a low ponytail and slicked it back with a headband. It’s a streamlined style perfect for work or play.

The Product: Try Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-Dry Lotion. $19, redken.com



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