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Red Carpet RX: Secrets for Camera-Ready Skin

New York’s top dermatologist, Dr. David Colbert, reveals his regimen for Oscars-bound A-listers, starting from four weeks out

It takes more than a major motion picture to steal the spotlight on the night of the Oscars, and no one knows this more than the go-to dermatologist of Penelope Cruz, Michelle Williams and hot couple Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig. New York-based Dr. David Colbert, founder of Colbertmd Skincare, has worked with numerous Oscar-nominated stars over the years as they prep for the Academy Awards, so it’s not surprising that he’s perennially sought after for the skincare secrets he imparts to celebrities leading up to that big day.

His famous facial devotees are more than happy to sing his praises. Naomi Watts has said, “[it] brought my skin back to life…you look dewy and fresh,” while Michelle Williams claims, “it makes your skin feel like a 16 year old’s.”

Here, the author of The High School Reunion Diet shares his pre-Oscars skin care plan with us.


Week 4

It all begins with your food regimen. The right foods provide the base for beauty. “Since I’m trained as both a medical internist and a dermatologist, I’m well aware of the need for the right food choices and how they affect our looks,” Colbert says.

“My standard regimen for slimming is choosing kale, white fish, almonds, olive oil, Greek yogurt, blueberries, goji berries and Juice Generation’s DD shots. Eating this combination will slim and tone as well as provide beauty from within. You glow because the right nutrients provide collagen building blocks as well as increased well-being, clear radiant skin, less stress and more energy.”

Kick his suggestion up a notch and reduce facial fat by hydrating with at least six glasses of filtered water each day, keeping alcohol to the absolute minimum, adding Biosil capsules for protein support and sticking to a non-crazy exercise regimen (key for not looking over-worked).


Week 3

Dr. Colbert starts seeing his clients in office three weeks out from the big event and recommends a few at-home treatments during this period. “I suggest exfoliating two to three times a week and use my Balance Cleanser twice daily,” he says. “It’s also important for them to layer Nutrify & Protect with two drops of Illumnio on top for an all-day glow. We then amp up use of glycolics with Stimulate Serum to clarify and brighten skin and reduce brown spots. At night, I suggest the Add Heal & Soothe Night Cream with shea nut butter. Only a tiny amount is needed, and I add two drops of Illumino to seal in moisture. This allows for dewy morning skin.”

In the office, Dr. Colbert start the stars on regular Triad facials. The procedure—a three-tiered treatment of microdermabrasion, laser toning and chemical peeling—has no downtime and starts building new collagen and elastin right away.

Additionally, stars pop in for twice weekly 30-minute full body collagen toning sessions on an LED bed. The pink LED gentlewave lights reduce inflammation and slow down the enzymes the cause intrinsic ageing of the skin. The experience is also very zen: It’s all done in a calming, sound-free setting. Climb into the anti-aging capsule and relax.


Week 2

With two weeks to go, Dr. Colbert recommends a radiant C facial and a medical pedicure and a foot facial, which involves microdermabrasion and light fruit acid peel. Its, er, sole job is to freshen and smooth the entire foot so that the celeb looks great in sky-high sandals.


Week 1

One week out, Dr. Colbert’s clients come in for a Triad facial and the collagen LED bed. “I plan for last minute, day-of issues and prepare a backstage skin-saver kit for the celebrity’s makeup team,” he says. “This includes a gentle cortisone cream and a tube of Polysporin ointment.”


The Day Of!

On the big day, Dr. Colbert has a specific game plan for his clients:

• Sleep for eight hours
• Use the Balance wash, Intensify Discs, rinse with water and apply two drops of Nutrify & Protect.
• Apply Illumino Body Oil all over the body. It uses passion fruit and argan oil for a sleek, stimulating and slimming effect.
• Use two drops of Illumino before applying foundation. It improves photographic light reflection and makes you look better in photographs and on film.

And isn’t that the big picture, after all?



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