Brighten Up With Pretty Pastel Hues From Huda Beauty

by Natasha Wolff | March 17, 2020 12:30 pm

Spring might be coming but we are living in dark times right now. With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, major precautions have been taken such as state-wide curfews, gatherings of 10 people or more have been cancelled, and people are suggested to practice general social distancing in order to protect themselves and others. Health and safety always comes first so we have a recommendation for what to do when you’ve reached that third day of being quarantined to your apartment: play with your makeup, of course.

Yes, you might have no where to go with a full face of makeup but, let’s be optimistic. Eventually, things will improve, right? And a creative, colorful distraction during the darker times will help lift your spirits. Huda Beauty’s newest addition to the Mini Obsessions collection includes three pastel-hued palettes and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If you aren’t familiar, Huda Beauty Mini Obsessions are compact nine-pan palettes that are available in varying shades. The Nude palettes[1] come in Light, Medium, and Dark, and personally, the Medium instantly became a staple in my makeup bag. There are more colorful versions[2] as well, ranging from Amethyst (gorgeous violets and lavenders) to Topaz[3] (vibrant ambers and metallics).

The Pastel Mini Obsessions[4] feature the same flawless formulas as always, but in three bright new palettes just in time for spring. The new Lila, Mint, and Rose pastel-hued eyeshadows offer delicate and sweet shades as well as simple neutrals that can be accentuated to create whimsical daytime looks or dramatic evening eyes. Founder Huda Kattan says of the three new launches, “Pastels are the new neutrals, so while the runways have been flooded with soft, powdery tones, with these palettes, your lids can too. Our brand new Pastel Obsessions eyeshadow palettes[5] are the perfect way to indulge in the dreamy trend by taking pastels from the catwalk to a cat eye[6]!”

We love experimenting with all three color ways but the Mint stands out as the most unique, striking a lovely balance between warm and cool tones, including two Swirl shades (Turquoise Mint and Caramel Mint). Layer the matte Pistachio and Tan shades during the day for a more toned down eye look and build on it with the Bronze Shimmer and Turquoise Mint Swirl to create a bold statement look for the evening. The possibilities are endless with these compact eyeshadow palettes.

So, while you have some time to yourself during these days of social distancing, we suggest you experiment with the new Pastel Mini Obsessions from Huda Beauty, in preparation for the next time you are able to showcase your skills as a makeup artist.

Click through the gallery above to shop the new Huda Beauty Pastel Mini Obsessions.


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