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Shop a Revolutionary Hand Sanitizer For Sensitive Skin

The launch of Love Dirty hand sanitizer could not have come at a better time

By now everyone has realized that yes, washing your hands is actually very important. But, when you cannot wash your hands immediately, hand sanitizer should be by your side the way your phone and keys are. Over the past few weeks consumers across the globe have been clearing the shelves of hand sanitizer in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. With the use of hand sanitizer and washing your hands more frequently, the skin can start to feel dry and perhaps a bit irritated.

While the launch of Love Dirty comes at an unbelievably timely moment in history, the brand has been in the works for over two years. Founder Jason Daniels has had eczema for his entire life and always struggled with finding products that would benefit his skin without irritating it or causing inflammation. High quality hand sanitizer was one of the harder products to find that would relieve his skin instead of causing an eczema flare up. Love Dirty recently launched a luxurious and revolutionary hand sanitizer made with prebiotics and beneficial skincare ingredients to keep hands healthy and clean.

The Glamshell System is portable and adorable, perfect for your makeup bag, purse, or jacket pocket. A set of three Glamshell Refills costs $16.50 and the recyclable set allows you to use your chic Glamshell pod beyond one use. Along with the portable Glamshell System, Love Dirty offers an Air-Free Eco Pump Dispenser to keep by the sink, on your desk, or on your vanity.

Love Dirty Glamshell System

Love Dirty Glamshell System

Love Dirty hand sanitizer’s formula features prebiotics to limit the regeneration of bad bacteria and help keep skin healthy and smooth. Other key ingredients include Avocado Oil, Betaine (helps to moisturize), Pantothenate (anti-inflammatory), and more. Shop Love Dirty now on lovedirty.com.