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Shop the $30,000 Limited-Edition Fantasy Travel Kit from Artis

The holiday beauty gift set from Artis boasts a $25k brush to help you look pretty, and at a pretty penny

The moment Artis announced its Fantasy Travel Kit, every makeup artist in the world put down their brushes. This kit is not for the once-a-month Sephora shopper, but rather the beauty-addict with both a finger on the pulse of the industry and a Google Alert set for “new makeup launches.”

This $30,000 gift set’s premier product is the Bespoke Black Diamond Oval 7 Brush, priced by itself at $25,000, made with two white-gold plates, one overlaid with 346 black diamonds. This special Artis brush really makes one wonder whether you can apply drugstore products with this brush, or if its use is limited to 24-carat gold products and La Prairie. After admiring this singular beauty brush, will you ever be able to look at a beauty blender the same same way again?

The Fantasy Travel Kit contents.

The kit comes in SteamLine Luggage‘s The Soprano stowaway suitcase that will be hand-delivered by a makeup artist for a personal makeup application. Purchase also includes a professional photoshoot with a hair-and-makeup team. Other highlights–aside from its glow palette–are the Elite 10 brush set from the Elite Collection for the complexion, eyes, and lips; Phantom 10 cleansing silks; a large gold travel case; a luxe misting bottle; cleaning products; a gel eyeliner; and brush slippers/covers in two sizes.

While the kit is being sold as a gift set, we won’t tell–or judge–if you keep it for yourself. But, only the most dedicated beauty aficionado will be able to buy the one-of-a-kind Fantasy Travel Kit, because Artis only has one available for sale. Buy it now for true extravagance, before Jeffree Star does.